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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

New characters, objects and gem cards
Use this weblog to post (and comment on) suggestions of new characters. Like our other weblogs (strategies & tactics for Gang of Four, common notations and investigative strategies for Mystery of the Abbey, etc...) this web log is moderated, and your posts will not appear until they have been approved (and usually translated) by the moderator.

The King's Court, at Days of Wonder!
06/02/2003 by eric
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Maître Fâche
That card sucks.
I must agree. This is not much of a card. It does not even have a color.
I find another issue. The moderator is slow- based on how many cards I have that are unvalidated, I wonder how many others are out there waiting?
I have seven waiting Wink
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