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Queen's Necklace - Character Combos


Killer combos, and the impact of certain characters for a given style of play or number of players.

Musketeers. We love them, they're cheap, and useful. We especally love having three. So Why might you want to pass on a man in a cape?

The easiest way to clear someone's hand of the little buggers is to send them on a scavenger hunt through the queen's palace. While they're occupied, you can seriously devistate a hand with forgers and thieves, especally if you have a good number of them.

There is nothing more painful than having the QN and nothing of value to play it on.

So in some specific cases, it is certantly worth passing on artimus, if it can re-direct dartanion's and arameus's talent towards the QN and not your expensive forgers.
06/10/2003 by Azarkon
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