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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

Cursed Ring
(black, 8,7,5,3)
For each other ring placed on this gem, the value is decreased by 20 pounds. This can make gems have a negetave value. Compareable to a king, it can have a greater or lesser effect (if there are a lot off rings, someone can lose a lot) and is not affected by the QN, but does not have the guarenteed stopping power.
06/11/2003 by Azarkon
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Wow, I like this card idea alot too...

Sometimes I feel that "Queen's Necklace" scoring is either too much or none at all. For instance, you can get a LOT of points one round because of a ring but NONE at all because of a King.

This card would weaken the ring powers somewhat and prevent the occasional unbalanced final score.

I think '8' is a good starting price as well.
This is NOT a fantasy game, so there shouldn't be any curses or other magic flying around. But the effect is good, just find another reason to devaluate. Maybe a jewelminer who has just found a new diamondmine making the diamonds less rare...or whatever just not a curse.
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