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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

(blue, 8,7,5,4)
All current cards devalue again, but don't replace "killed" until after your turn.

How Useful?
06/11/2003 by Azarkon
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Maître Fâche
Should be a pink one.
I think it would be more useful if the "killed" cards were not replaced until the beginning of your NEXT turn, or is that what you meant??? Confused
That's an interesting thought PC, but that's not the idea behind the card. The don't replace killed cards is ment to be a little bit of a mitigator to keep this card from being too powerful.

If there were a card that Just kept cards from replenishing, that might be cool too, sort of an uber cardinal.
i think this is a good idea and could be very useful as all the cards would be cheaper maybe make the price 10,8,6,4 as it sounds very good.
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