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Queen's Necklace - Character Combos


Killer combos, and the impact of certain characters for a given style of play or number of players.

Sometimes overlooked because of its cost and apparent complexity, the Alchemist is worth mastering, for many reasons:

- Much like is the case with the Cardinal, you have all the information required to decide whether to play it or hold it for later when the decision come, since you see all that the others players have decided to display for sale.

- Its impact on the relative rarity of gems can be devastating if well played: not only can it make you win a sale for a given gem type by allowing you to transfer enough new gems there, it can also severely diminish the value of a sale you couldn't hope to win by making that particular gem type way too common.

- The Alchemist also offers a partial protection against the king, allowing you to move a wasted gem card (particularly a valuable 2 or 3 gems card one).
It is especially powerfull/dangerous when owned in conjunction with such a highcount gem card.
05/22/2003 by eric
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