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Queen's Necklace - New cards


New characters, objects and gems.

Pink, 12,10,8,6
play during a sale. One gem type is won not by whomever had the most but instead by your mutual ennemy.
(play obviously after displays are revealed)
06/14/2003 by Azarkon
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What is "your mutual ennemy" Rolling Eyes
Maître Fâche
Not understood.
Mutual enemy: the player or players that are neither the target of the gypsy nor you. I. E. Player one plays 4 emeralds, player two plays 2 and you play 3. If you then use the PINK gypsy on emeralds, player two makes the sale, because he is neither you nor the player who would have won without.
Maître Fâche
So, why should i play a gipsy, then, if i can't win the sale in any case?
Who said you should?
Maître Fâche
What is a purpose of a card if i have no reason to purchase or play it?
It's specifically for playing on a sale you don't want to win, similar to a king.

Unlike a king however, this a) does not require you to have an approperate gem card, and b) can be played after offers are revieled, allowing to keep someone from cashing out on rings and the like.

The downside, however, is that instead of removing points, it just re-directs them. Someone will benefit from the sale, and that person is not you.

The conondrum here is that someone can win a sale even if they offer Zero gems.
Obviously, if someone loads up with rings on one jewel, and y'all's enemy isn't in danger of winning with that sale, it's better for him to get thirty or so points instead of the other getting many more.
shadrach1 ~ Skotos
What happens if you're playing a 2 or 4 player game? With two players this is worthless, but I suppose with 4 you could make it the second highest bidder other than you.
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