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Queen's Necklace - Character Combos


Killer combos, and the impact of certain characters for a given style of play or number of players.

Confessor and Forger, Confessor and Cardinal
The Confessor, in my mind, should never be played unless you have a second card in mind. My personal two favourites to use in combonation with are the Forger and the Cardinal.

The Forger is obvious in it's use. Taking a peek at someone's hand is nice just before you make him drop a card.

The Cardinal is a second good card to combo with, especially if you have more than one Confessor. By delaying the sale until the end of your turn, and then playing the Confessor at the beginning of your turn, you know exactly how many of each gem your opponent(s) have going into the sale, information that can be used to your advantage to increase the rarity of gems you could win, and decrease the rarity of those you could not.
06/18/2003 by wmcduff
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shadrach1 ~ Skotos
The confessor can usefully be played when you dont have a follow-up card, but make sure it's just before a gem sale (you can time these to within a few cards) to give you some idea what they're going to do.
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