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Name: Earrings
Starting cost: 12

Effect: Earrings have the effect of two rings combined (ie it acts as a 2 Ring, versus the standard 1 Ring). This card, under the name 2 Ring, was in the first prototype we played with at Essen, and was removed because of its tendency to generate wild score swings during a sale Razz

It is only slightly less powerfull than two regular rings combine (the latter can be played on two separate gem types, unlike this one which is an all or nothing bet).
05/22/2003 by eric
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Maître Fâche
When will you translate english cards in french and vice-versa? Wink
When I have the time (ie in early July ? Rolling Eyes ). Or when I find another fully bi-lingual moderator Very Happy
Maître Fâche
Some of us players could help you but you'll have to change the name of the poster (is that the right word?)

I can easily translate from english to french (many of us can) but not the other way...

So let's find a compromise.
Two rings as one card? Too powerful in my opinion, I'm glad they decided not to include this card.
Phil, with a starting cost of 12, it becomes comparable to the other two uber-powerful cards- the QN and Alchemist.

I too, would have to agree, though. far too many games are decided by who did best by rings and this would only increase the number of those games.

A rule that allowed only 1 ring per gem would seriously change the dynamic, and I believe, would keep games closer eliminating the need to catch up with five rings at the end.

Under those rules, earings might make more sense, and serve a better niche.
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