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The Artwork

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Queen's Necklace cards feature brilliant illustrations by Humbert Chabuel & Pierre-Alain Chartier.
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All of Dumas' famous dash and daring flair for storytelling would not have come off so perfectly in this Queen's Necklace without the exceptional illustrations of noted fashion designers Humbert Chabuel & Pierre-Alain Chartier. Over one hundred oversized cards bring the King's court villains, heroes and precious jewels to life like in no other game before.

Each box also includes a distinctive Queen's Necklace, a conversation piece that might also turn out to be the perfect artifact to save your neck in a close game; 5 golden rings to keep track of the price of jewels and character values; and 12 high quality tiles to stay abreast of the latest fashion at the King's court. You also get Days of Wonder 's famed Web-Card, for online access to our very best games.