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History of the game


Essen, Germany, a late morning of October 2002: In the crowded lunch room of a small inn that might have seen many such trades over the past centuries, just off the ground of the Spiel Messe, the world's largest board game convention, a group of enthusiastic game entrepreneurs (that's us !) sit on a bench, watching two talented game designers (the two Brunos, Mr. Faidutti and Cathala) pull out of their pocket a very unusual card game:

  • The theme: Jewels and the business of acquiring and selling them.
  • The setting: a King's court, full of shady characters not unlike those surrounding us!
  • The business proposition: To bring to market a game that appeals to women (diamonds are a girl's best friend!) and boys alike, bringing the three Musketeers to a table near you.

Never before had we fallen for a game so quickly. Its ingenioussness, elegance and simplicity made the decision self-evident: Within a week, a deal was inked to publish the game and bring back to life the worlds of Alexander Dumas on a game table near you. Two more months and all the critical design decisions (the recruiting of talented fashion illustrators Humbert and Chabuel, which books to quote from, which characters to put in or keep for a future extension) were made. An additional two months and the game was shipping to critical acclaim, rapidly grabbingg prizes and nominations on both sides of the Ocean, faster than a jeweler its precious gems!


  • Game Design: Bruno Cathala & Bruno Faidutti
  • Illustrations: Humbert Chabuel & Pierre-Alain Chartier
  • Graphic Design: Cyrille Daujean
  • Cards Quotes: Alexandre Dumas Père

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