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Discovering the Online Game

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Not only is the game simple, we've made it addictive too! The simplest, less intimidating way to learn the game is to log on our Online play section and observe a game. Peak playing time usually occurs between the hours of 11:00am and 3:00pm PST.

In lieu of watching a game, you may want to watch our animated tutorials below.

Now go ahead, and play a game or two. Our community of online players is full of helpful players from around the world who still remember the day they first sat in front of the game and will usually be glad to lend you a helping hand. Do not forget to read the Netiquette page.

Animated Tutorials about the Online Game
  • Get started in 60 secs with our Quickstart animated tutorial!
  • Tutorial #1: Basics of the game
  • Tutorial #2: Sale - Part One
  • Tutorial #3: Sale - Part Two
  • Tutorial #4: Advanced Sale - The Alchemist
  • Tutorial #5: Playing Influence Cards
  • Tutorial #6: Playing the Favorite card
  • Tutorial #7: Playing the Forger card
  • Tutorial #8: Playing the Queen card
  • Tutorial #9: Playing the Queen's Necklace card