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An aspiring jeweler, you strive to sell to her majesty the Queen the most desirable gems in fashion at the Court. Your objective: to become the wealthiest craftman of Place Vendome. To do so, you will need, three times throughout the game (each time a Merchant appears), to have the most rubies, emeralds, diamonds or amber up for sale.

Acquiring these gems is a simple process. On each turn, you dispose of ten ducats which you can spend whichever way you'd like to buy the gem cards on display or bribe to your side one of the numerous characters of the court: musketeers, thieves, favorites, alchemist or cardinals all conspire to make your life more lucrative or your opponents' more miserable!

The choice of which one to acquire (there is never enough money, after all, for an honest jeweler such as yours) is complicated by the fact that which ever card you do not buy will see its cost drop down one notch immediately before the next player's turn. So it is not only a matter of which cards you desire, but also one of which ones you do not want your ennemies to acquire on the cheap!

Once a merchant appears, a sale occurs: You and your colleagues all secretly select from your hand the gems you'd like to put up for sale. Whoever can claim the majority for a given gem will win some points, dictated by that gem's current fashion and rarity at the Court.

Upon the end of the 3rd sale, the game ends and the jeweler with the most point is given the coveted titled of Jeweler's of her Majesty!

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