USA 1910
USA 1910 takes you on a new adventure across North America in this expansion to the original Ticket to Ride game that includes three new ways to play: 1910, Big Cities & Mega Game.

Europa 1912
The Europa 1912 expansion features new Destination Tickets that enable 3 new variants to Ticket to Ride Europe plus Warehouses and Depots, two new game elements that add excitement to all versions of Ticket to Ride.

Dice Expansion
Roll your way to victory aboard this fun-filled expansion, compatible with any board map of Ticket to Ride. In this expansion, players still attempt to complete their Destination Tickets, claim routes and block each other on the map, but rather than draw and collect train cards, they roll five custom train dice each turn. 

Alvin & Dexter
Chaos reigns across the cities of Ticket to Ride. These two wacky monsters help stomp opponents and zap tickets in this fun expansion for any Ticket to Ride board game. Don't take them too lightly; they introduce a devious new tactical layer to the game!

The Halloween Freighter
Frightful pumpkin trains and spooky stations are scheduled to arrive just in time for Halloween with an add-on for the Ticket to Ride Series – the Halloween Freighter.

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USA 1910 Europa 1912 Dice Expansion Alvin & Dexter
Halloween Freighter

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