Quadropolis Quadropolis

2004 Game of the Year in Japan

2005 Game of the Year in Finland

Parents' Choice Foundation 2004 Silver Honor

Diana Jones Excellence in Gaming Award

Games Magazine - 'Games 100' 2004" title="Games Magazine - 'Games 100' 2004

Jeux sur un plateau - JSP d'or 2004

As d'or - Game of the Year 2005 in France

2005 Game of the Year in Sweden

6th place - Deutscher Spiele Preis 2004

2005 Origins Award winner

Nominated for 2004 Game of the Year in the Netherlands

2005 Game of the Year in Spain

2004 Game of the Year in Germany

"Once you play this game, you'll never play TransAmerica again. It's a fantastic medium-weight game - one that plays equally well with two to five players. The components are superb, the artwork is great, the game is downright fun (and nasty sometimes), and the total package is a very strong contender for the Spiel des Jahres 2004
Game play is very tight, and I found that game scores can run very close - making for an exciting game, all the way down to the finish."
Tom Vasel - boardgamegeek.com 9.5 out of 10 rating

"I feel safe in saying that Ticket to Ride is an absolutely superb game and is highly recommended."
Greg Aleknevicus - The Games Journal

"Ticket to Ride is a fantastic family game because it is easy to learn, plays fairly quickly, and appeals to players of all ages - both kids and adults will have fun trying to become the next railroad baron... All things considered, Ticket to Ride is definitely the top game of 2004 for families and casual gamers alike."
BoardGameRatings.com - 5 Stars

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Nominated for 2005 Game of the Year in Norway

2004 Best family Game on boardgameratings.com

Bruno Faidutti - 2004 Game of the Year