Official 2 players variant by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc

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Modified Game Set-up

At game start,

  1. Remove the 2 Beggar and 2 Envoy cards from the deck; these characters are of little value in 2 player games
  2. Give 6 Nile Merchants (instead of the standard 3) to each player

The game then proceeds as normal, per the standard rules.

Amulets in excess Tax payed out
1 corruption amulet 1 talent
2 corruption amulets 3 talents
3 corruption amulets 6 talents
4 corruption amulets 10 talents
5 corruption amulets 15 talents
6 corruption amulets 21 talents
7 corruption amulets 28 talents
8 corruption amulets 36 talents
9 corruption amulets 45 talents

Modified end game

At the end of the game,

  1. no player is thrown to the crocodile!
  2. Instead, substract the number of amulets owned by the less corrupt of the two players from the total number of amulets owned by the most corrupt player
  3. The most corrupt player must then pay out of his own treasury a tax proportional to the amulets in excess of his opponent's, according to the table on the right.
  4. The wealthiest player once this tax payed is the winner of the game

Two player games of Cleopatra will typically last 45 min to an hour. To shorten this up, move Cleopatra one step forward from her usual start position, before the game begins.