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IBG M44 Tournament

  • Datum: 23.09.2012
  • Ende: 23.09.2012
  • Status: Bestätigt
  • Typ: Turnier
  • Forum: Veranstaltungsforum

This is Indoboardgames' first Memoir'44 Tournament that will take place during IBG 3rd Gamers Gathering. The tournament will proceed as follows:
*12 Players, Single Elimination.
*The game will be played using original components of Memoir'44 game (base and its expansions) and the provided dice towers.
*A match consists of 2 games where each player will play each sides (axis & allies) once. A player with most medals accumulated is the match winner. In case of a tie, player with the most kill (figure count) is the winner.


Function Hall Gandaria Heights Apartment

Jl Arteri Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta 12240



  • Kontakt: Eric Atmaja
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