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January 2007
Drain Lore vs False Orders Thu, 27 September 2007 20:11
We had a stumper come up in our game last night; only the second or third turn in when my opponent had 5 Lore in his cup.

It's my turn, I play my Command Card (which isn't relevant) and "alongside my Command Card" I pay for & play Drain Lore (which, with a 3rd level Wizard, would drop his Lore to 0).

My opponent then wanted to play False Orders.

I felt the Drain Lore occured first, in part because I'm the active player, in part because I'm playing it "alongside my Command Card" which is the very first thing that happens on one's turn.

He thought because False Orders is a Reaction Card, it (to use MtG terms Smile ) interrupted my Drain Lore from going off.

The Lore Compendium doesn't answer this directly, but there is a question under False Orders about a similar situation (Question #4). There they clarify the Lore card can be picked up and not cast at all, or can be played with the new Command Card (dictated by False Orders).

But in this situation, I wanted it to go ahead and execute before False Orders was paid & played (since with no Lore he couldn't pay for False Orders at all).

We extrapolated from the Compendium answer that Drain Lore doesn't execute immediately, and I chose to pick the spell back up since after he paid 4 Lore for False Orders, draining his 1 remaining Lore seemed pointless.

Do people agree with that interpretation? Is there something in the Rulebook we overlooked?

Any help or opinions would be appreciated, including official replies. Very Happy

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January 2007
Re:Drain Lore vs False Orders Thu, 27 September 2007 20:14
Actually I just read the next/last question in the compendium under False Orders which seems to imply the active player's spell, in that case Spy, activates first and could be used to force the opponent the discard False Orders before it is played.

So by that maybe my Drain Lore should've kicked in before he could cast False Orders.

Help! Confused
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Re:Drain Lore vs False Orders Thu, 27 September 2007 20:39
These things are tricky. Typically, the last Lore card played is the first resolved when they try to occur at the same time.

While Drain Lore and False Orders try to occur at the same time (both while the attacker plays a command card), it seems the "bypass" each other. False Orders targets the Command Card, not the Lore Card. So in that case, Drain Lore should happen first. That would take all his Lore tokens and he wouldn't be able to cast False Orders.

Now if he had played Foiled instead, he is attacking your Lore card - in which case you have a direct conflict. In this case, Foiled would be resolved first, which then cancels Lore Drain. You then do not have the ability to play another Lore card.

So based on how they ruled the Spy vs False Orders, Lore Drain should occur first, drain his Lore and prevent him from playing False Orders. I think.

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January 2007
Re:Drain Lore vs False Orders Thu, 27 September 2007 20:53
But that seems to contradict the #5 question in the Lore Compendium about Spy vs False Orders. The last paragraph states pretty explicitly that Spy could cause False Orders to be discarded. If that's true, why would Drain Lore be different?

EDIT: Saw you just edited your reply. Thanks!

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