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October 2006
  Liturgy of the Hours Mon, 23 October 2006 12:07
Hello people!

I've got a little question about the Liturgy of the Hours Scriptorium card. The wording on the card reads:

"Keep this card and play it during mass to select in which order and to whom each player passes his cards. All card passed by a given player must remain together and must go to a single other monk."

Is it possible to use this card to have ALL other players pass their cards to ME? And then of course I'd have to pass mine to someone else. If it works this way, then this is probably the most powerful of the scriptorium cards...?

And then another thing: The Impure Illuminations states that "Keep this card in hand. When you meet another monk, you may draw a suspect card..." It doesn't say "during your turn", so could I use this card during another player's turn, when he enters the room I'm in? And is this to be used BEFORE or AFTER questions are asked?

Thanks in advance Razz
Luke the Flaming
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July 2003
Re:Liturgy of the Hours Tue, 24 October 2006 01:04
Liturgy = I think each monk must still give cards exactly once and receive cards exactly once.

Illuminations = I'd say that you can use it outside your turn, before questions are asked.

Note: these are just my opinions, not offical rules! Wink
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December 2007
Re:Liturgy of the Hours Tue, 25 December 2007 17:31
The definition of 'meeting a monk' in the rule-book means that the monk that finishes his movement (during his turn) is the one who is able to ask first. That's why we decided to play 'The Impure Illuminations' card as the card states: 'When you meet another monk', so only during your turn.

We thought that the fairest way to use the card was during your turn, when you are the monk that moves into a room and meet another monk. Anyway, it was just our decission, not the official rules! We understood that in both cases there was a meeting of monks, but we rather preferred the idea of being the monk with the initiave the one who should use the card.



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