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April 2004
New Starting Hand variant Sun, 01 August 2004 00:05
Here's the variant I propose for starting hands to balance out the luck of the draw, open for discussion:

Each player starts with a hand of 4 cards:
1 Recon Left
1 Recon Center
1 Recon Right
1 Direct from HQ

At the end of the player's first turn, they draw their hand back up to the maximum allowed in the scenario.

This gives each player a 1st turn equal footing. The HQ card gives flexibility to move units across the board or push in just one area at the risk of not being able to follow up on it next turn. The Recon cards allow a choice to start slow while gaining the option of drawing 2 and discarding one. The additional cards a player has over the other should represent the advantage that player's forces have in the given scenario. This could be greater numbers, better positions, or the advantage of surprise.

I'll include this variant in the v1.3 Variant/House rules thread when I next update it.
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July 2004
Re:New Starting Hand variant Sun, 01 August 2004 23:20
I have not tried this yet with Memoir 44. When I played Battle Cry, I would seperate the Section cards in one pile and the Tactic cards in another. Each player would get one Tactic card and the rest would be Section cards. (Example: A Player that starts with a 5 card hand would get 4 Section cards and one Tactic card. When the player uses a Section card they draw from the Section card pile at the end of their turn. If they use a Tactic card they would draw from the Tactic card pile. It worked well in Battle Cry, but I have not tried it for Memoir 44. After I play the game more I will give it a try.
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