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June 2008
Statue of Anubis in Trees Mon, 30 June 2008 23:43
When a sanctuary is created, must it have an open space (with no palm trees) in order to place the Statue of Anubis?

In other words, do the palm trees just matter for wall talents?

Great game!
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February 2006
Re:Statue of Anubis in Trees Tue, 01 July 2008 04:31
The sanctuary doe not need to have Palm trees in it in order for you to place the Anubis.

However, the Palm trees that are covered by your mosaic give you bonus points of 1 talent each tree.

The walls do NOT score points for the Palm trees. They score bonus points for touching the mosaic tiles (also 1 talent each).
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June 2006
Re:Statue of Anubis in Trees Tue, 01 July 2008 04:47
And remember, if you don't chop down those trees to make space for your mosaics, how will we get any currupt wood? It doesn't just fall off trucks by itself, people!
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