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February 2008
  Questions Wed, 04 June 2008 16:26
Hi, I just received the MotA game for my birthday last week-end. Played once, and I have a few questions:

Questioning others: Do we have to question another player on cards he has in his hand, or can we ask: "During the game, how many different X have you seen?"

Parlor: Player 1 gets to the parlor, takes a card. Player 2 joins Player 1 in Parlor. Questioning or pick a card first?

8th Mass: Well, don't laugh, but a player didn't answer the questions properly. So, at one point, we had no clue who it was and continued to play. It took us more than 8 Mass to finish. I guess the game shouldn't go over the 8th Mass? The culprit wins?

During Mass event card: "All pawns are placed in the Capitulum, and each player makes a revelation." Ok, after do we go back to the Ecclesia to start the new turn or we start from the Capitulum?

Thank you,

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Angry Jedi
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January 2008
Re:Questions Wed, 04 June 2008 18:52
Hi! This is my first post on the DoW forums.

This is how I understand the rules pertaining to your questions:

1. You can ask anything you like, so long as the answer given is NOT an individual monk's name. So you could ask "How many fat brothers have you eliminated?" but not "Tell me the name of a fat brother you have eliminated." So no, it doesn't have to be purely based on the cards in their hand. Be careful how you phrase it though. "How many fat brothers have you seen?" may give you a different answer to "How many fat brothers have you eliminated?"

2. With all rooms, you take the room's action FIRST, then proceed to questioning. So in the case of the Parlor, you draw a card first then question the player.

3. After Mass 8, you go back to Mass 1. The 8 Masses represent the passage of time through a whole day. After the 8th Mass, the next Mass is the first one of the new day - Matins, in the morning. The only way for the culprit to "win" is through one of the Event cards which offers them an opportunity to escape after each Mass, depending on a dice roll.

4. The Event takes place after the Mass, so you stay in the Capitulum is how I would read this. This would be a case for "mutual agreement" between all players though.

Hope that helps!
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February 2006
Re:Questions Sat, 07 June 2008 13:18
1. I agree with Angry Jedi's answer.

2. This is incorrect. You must ask a monk the question first, then do the special action of the room. The rules are quite clear in the steps:


3. Encounter - If your pawn ends its move in a room already occupied by another player's pawn, you must ask
that player a question. (See The Questions, below).
4. Action - Proceed with any actions relevant to the room your pawn now occupies.

You ask as soon as you stop moving, then proceed with the special action. However, I don't think we follow this method all the time and I am not sure how great an impact it will be on the game if you switch the two steps.

3. Based on the rules, you put the just used mass card at the bottom of the mass deck. So theoretically, you could go on forever continuing to repeat the cycle.

However, a couple comments. As you pointed out, someone answered wrong so the game wasn't played correctly. It should be very rare for you to get to the 8th mass. In our typical games, we have usually are done by Mass 3 and I don't think we have ever gone past Mass 4.

Second, the last few masses are designed to basically empty your hand so everyone is getting a chance to look at most, if not all, of the cards. With 3 players, you should average 8 cards per player and with 4 or more, you should average 6 or less. Mass 6 through 8 your are moving 6 cards each time.

In other words, everything in the game conspires to end the game before you need to go back to the next morning (matins) mass.

4. You are all in the Capitulum and nothing tells you to go back to the Ecclesia. So start the turn in the Capitulum. Very Happy

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Mad Raptor
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December 2004
Re:Questions Tue, 30 September 2008 20:38
ColtsFan76 schrieb am Sat, 07 June 2008 13:18

You ask as soon as you stop moving, then proceed with the special action. However, I don't think we follow this method all the time and I am not sure how great an impact it will be on the game if you switch the two steps.

In Parlor the difference becomes clear.
Let's say you are the second player that enters parlor. If the questioning comes first the card still is on the board during the questioning and afterwards you draw the card and nobody knows anything about this card.
If you draw the card first you have to answer the returning question concerning all your cards including the one you just draw...
similar with other room actions. It would not really matter which way you play if you do it alway same way, but the rules clearly say: first questioning then room actions.
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