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December 2005
Curse of the parrot Tue, 23 May 2006 05:01
Okay, I joked about it before, but this weekend the curse of Long John Silvers Parrot renewed itself. We had a five player game going and my buddy decided Billy Bones Parrot was useless and evicted him for LJS's parrot. Despite my warnings, he scoffed at "the curse". Battle one, 2 six dice broadsides, no hits. He lost that battle. Battle Two, 2 six dice broadsides, one hit. He lost that fight. Battle three, one six dice broadside, and no hits, The second broadside was two hits. Sufficient to win the battle, but he fell last in the fame point race.
The rest of us enjoyed decent dice including my slaughter of Mary and Bonnie Read at Treasure island to end the game, bury my treasure, and claim victory.

Anecdotal perhaps, but we believe.

Any other good "pirate tales" out there?

Five player games rule!

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January 2006
Re:Curse of the parrot Tue, 08 August 2006 21:00
I fully agree! When I get that parrot, it's like someone giving me the Black Spot! It fixes the dice against you more than not! It senses our fear now, we may burn the card after consulting texts on voodoo!
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October 2006
Re:Curse of the parrot Wed, 17 January 2007 20:12
My daughter wanted me to post here to say we broke the curse last night. I told her we didn't quite break it in my mind.

She (13) loves Pirate's Cove, and has won several times... only not when she had the dreaded Long John Silver parrot. So she buys into the curse. Smile

Last night, my wife got Long John Silver on turn 10 or 11 and despite having quite a lead on everyone, nearly lost the game.

My son and daughter went against Blackbeard and won, so we moved on to Anne & Mary. On turn 12, I decided to go for the fame points to try to stage a comeback. My daughter was going to treasure Island as well. I was able to destroy the famed pirates and my daughter with a Powder Keg card. (Not sure if that was legal, the rules aren't specific.) The victory (and sole ownership of the fame) moved me into a tie for first place.

Unfortunately, my wife had gone to crew Island and gotten a fame card as part of her treasure. She won by 2 fame points, leaving me in my typical #2 spot.

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October 2006
Re:Curse of the parrot Fri, 22 June 2007 15:41
pl_walker wrote on Wed, 17 January 2007 14:12

My daughter was going to treasure Island as well. I was able to destroy the famed pirates and my daughter with a Powder Keg card. (Not sure if that was legal, the rules aren't specific.)

that's a freaking brilliant strategy!
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January 2004
Re:Curse of the parrot Sat, 30 June 2007 11:59
Sounds like a legal move to me.
You are not allowed to combat another player on Treasure Island, but if they happen to get hit by your powder keg then that's perfectly OK

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October 2007
Re:Curse of the parrot Sat, 10 January 2009 00:21
YES SOMEBODY ELSE WHO KNOWS THAT LJS PARROT IS CURSED!!! of course it's not for me because my family thinks I have a magic touch or something like that(and I'm pretty sure I do cause it's not just for dice) and they ask me to give their dice boosts to get hits. Very Happy


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