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February 2009
I have some questions Tue, 17 February 2009 08:23
1. When your hull is destroyed do you lose all of your treasure?

2. Does the legendary pirate ever visit treasure island?

3. Does the Flying Dutchman regain 2 lives every round even when only one person is fighting him? Its seems impossible to beat him, I tried.

4. How many battle cards and or volley cards can be played if you are battling the LP?

I don't understand the end of the game, we all go to treasure island on turn 11, dump treasure and coins and then on turn 12 we fight over which island has fame points on the treasure cards. Please explain the best strategy for turn 12. Thanks!

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January 2004
Re:I have some questions Sun, 01 March 2009 15:12

1) When your hull is destroyed you must flee to pirates cove.
The next thing that happens after all combat is the plunder phase (nothing to plunder on pirates cove) then the upgrade phase on pirates cove you repair your ship to the 2nd level. After that it is the last phase where you check treasure. Your hull is now on the 2nd level so you can only carry 5 treasure any extra is lost.

2)The legendary pirates will visit treasure island as part of their moving on 1 island each phase. So in a 4 player game they will be there on turn 6 & 12, on a 3 player game, more often as there are 2 pirates.

3)Yes the flying dutchman regains 2 lives every round even if only 1 player is fighting. It can be done. If you have LJS parrot you will roll 6 dice

4) You can play as many battle and volley cards as you want.

Turn 12 often ends up as you have indicated but if people have strong ships they will often chose to plunder on 11 7 risk the legendary pirate at treasure island on T 12

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