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April 2009
First Conquest - Entering the Map Query Fri, 01 May 2009 23:33
Can you use special powers on the first territory you conquer when you are following the rules of First Conquest (entering the board from the edges)?

For example, can you use the the Dragon to conquer a region bordering the edge of the map board? Can you use the Sorcerer's race token swap power if the Sorcerer's aren't even on the board yet?

From a previous thread: Flying allows you to enter the board from any region just like the Halflings natural ability.

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August 2006
Re:First Conquest - Entering the Map Query Sat, 02 May 2009 00:04
I think it depends. In the case of sorcerers the rules state that: "The token your sorcerers replace must be the only race token in its region...and that region must be adjacent to one of your Sorcerers'." I would interpret this to mean that sorcerers cannot use their special ability on a first conquest.

For "Dragon Master" on the other hand, the rules read " may conquer a region using a single race token..." and there is no other qualification. I believe this means you can use your dragon on a first conquest.
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