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August 2006
Rule question - Sorcerers vs Elves Thu, 07 May 2009 00:38
Neat, fun game.

Question, though: Which special ability trumps the other, the Sorcerer or the Elf?

That is, if a Sorcerer attacks a lone, adjacent Elf, does the Elf return to it's owner's hand?

The way I see it, either:
A) The Elf dies, but Elves don't die, so the token goes back to the owner's hand, or
B) The Sorcerer "turns" the Elf, so the Elf becomes one of the Sorcerers. In this case, the Elf goes to the box, turns into a Sorcerer and returns to the board.

I favor the second view. Thoughts?

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August 2006
Re:Rule question - Sorcerers vs Elves Thu, 07 May 2009 02:00
This was clarified in the Board Game Geek forums in an official post (can't find the specific thread atm). The sorcerer special ability trumps the Elven special ability. This is the one and only way that Elves can lose tokens.
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