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January 2008
Botters Mon, 17 August 2009 22:53
When is it "fair" to finish a game against a bot? Is it based on how far you are into the game? I understand that you are supposed to wait a few minutes after the boot for the opponent to try to return. And I understand that in a competitive game where there appears to be no reason for a player to drop, that if they seem to be booted that fair play says that you should just end the game without finishing. My competitive nature tells me that we should not reward someone for being a poor sport; not wanting to finish a game. Quite frankly, I never see this type of behavior (dropping intentionally) from higher ranked opponents. Does anyone have some advice, because I do not want to be labeled as a "Botter".
Mr Bean
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May 2006
Re:Botters Mon, 17 August 2009 23:03
It's not 100%, but like you said, usually the stronger players won't just leave a game. It's probably some technical failure most of the time, so you can wait a few minutes to see if they return and if not leave the game.

However, if you play just any level, you will notice that quite often a (weaker) player leaves right after you make a move that might win you the game. This could be quite early in the game, but of course more often in the later stages.
If that happens i just play it 'by ear' and try to estimate whether this is the case and if so, i play on, because leaving a game on purpose is explicitly mentioned as something you should avoid doing (and in these cases i was probably winning already anyway).
Just the odd time i might convince myself they probably really were kicked out rather than just left and then i'll wait and eventually abandon.
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