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If you've been blocked Tue, 18 August 2009 14:30
I think we should have a sticky thread (maybe this one or a more official one) that lets players know about blocking, so that we don't get any more of these huge blocking threads.

- There is nothing in the rules that says no blocking, so it is legal
- Even IF blocking wasn't allowed, there's really no way to tell if it was malicious blocking or trying to complete a route that happened to block another person
- No Blocking can be a house rule thats easy to use and enforce; title you're game "No Blocking" or speak directly to you're opponent about blocking BEFORE the game starts
- DO NOT expect people to assume "Fair" means no blocking (unless you want to find a way to let everyone know. Suggested sticky thread: TTR Lingo Very Happy)

Conclusion: Don't expect the other player to read your mind; make sure he/she knows that its a no blocking game

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER ARGUMENT THREAD. DO NOT RESPOND WITH ARGUMENTS FOR AND AGAINST BLOCKING, OR COMPLAINTS. This thread is purely to prevent arguments in the future, as unlike other threads, they get nothing accomplished.
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