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  DRAGON CUP 2009 Sat, 31 October 2009 00:58

GOF Team Cup from november the 24th to december the 18th 2009

1- Organization and progress of the tournament

16 teams made up by at least 4 to at most 6 players will be distributed between 4 groups (A, B, C and D) by drawing.

First and second of each group will be qualified for semi finals.

Qualifying matches will take place on the first two weeks (from 24/11 to 04/12)

Teams of each group will meet 4 evenings per week :

On Tuesday at 20h30
On Wednesday at 20h30
On Thursday at 20h30
On Friday at 22h30 or 21h30

Each evening, players will play 3 games.

Semi Finals will take place between the 8th and the 11th of december.

Qualified teams will be distributed as follows :

Semi-final 1 Semi-final 2

1st group A 2nd group A
2nd group B 1st group B
1st group C 2nd group C
2nd group D 1st group D

Cup Final will take place between the 15th and the 18th of december.

The first and second of each semi final will be qualified to the Final.

2- Ranking :

1st 7 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 2 points
4th 1 point

3- Rules
Inscriptions for the cup will open on september the 1st and will close on the 15th of november.

Each team will be led by a captain who will communicate to technical direction the list of the players composing his team.
The list of players and their plays' schedules must be sent fast (before the monday's night of each tournament's weeks)

Games will be opened by a different team each day following the order of the group's drawning

team 1 on tuesday,
team 2 on wednesday,
team 3 on thursday,
team 4 on friday.

All games will be watchable by all but cards can be hidden.
It will be the best ranked player's option to show the cards or not.

Each player will only play once a week.
Only teams with more than 4 players will be allowed a substitution of player in case of absence of the planned player.

If a player is missing at the time scheduled, he will be replace after 30 minutes by a real player or a bot.

If a bot is substitute, his team will get the points won by it but for each game with a bot the team will lose two points (no matter the result of the bot).

If a player leaves a game, others should do their best to wait for his return so the game won't be distorted.

Any contender of the tournament shall prove fairness, respect and tolerance to others players whatever their tactical points of view might be.

So we can enjoy the cup and not fill the lobby nor the forums too much, it is asked to players to send Private Messages if they can't hold what they need to say.

Any improper behaviour affecting the good progress of the tournament will be punished.
Looking to the seriousness of the fault, penalties will be given : points can be cancelled, a player can be removed and eventually a whole team can be removed.

Enjoy the Dragon Cup !

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