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  Ticket values vs shortest routes Thu, 26 November 2009 21:18
To me it seems normally ticket values are based on lengths of the shortest routes between cities in the ticket cards, but there seems to be some exceptions (shortest route length in brackets):

In USA game:
Los Angeles - Chicago, 16p (15)
Sault St Marie - Oklahoma City, 9p (8)
Los Angeles - Miami, 20p (19)
Seattle - New York, 22p (20)
Los Angeles - New York, 21p (20)

In Mega game:
Los Angeles - Chicago, 16p (15)
Las Vegas - Miami, 21p (20)

So all the old non-matching values except for Los Angeles - Chicago are "fixed" in Mega game tickets, plus there is a new one (Las Vegas - Miami). Are these exceptions to the shortest route logic intentional or accidental? Are there any other ones I didn't notice?
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Re:Ticket values vs shortest routes Fri, 27 November 2009 16:32
This old thread might be of interest to you:

[Aktualisiert am: Fri, 27 November 2009 16:33]

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Re:Ticket values vs shortest routes Mon, 30 November 2009 12:18
similarly in Europe, London to Wien is worth 10, when the shortest route is 9 (London-Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Munchen-Wien).

there's also some discrepancies in Swiss
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Re:Ticket values vs shortest routes Wed, 02 December 2009 20:00
Plus Alan Moon has said the ticket values are NOT suppose to be the shortest route between the 2 cities. Thus people saying otherwise are not really in the know.
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Re:Ticket values vs shortest routes Wed, 02 December 2009 21:05
At least on USA map, I believe the points usually correspond to the shortest route between two cities, not in terms of the number of spaces you cover on the board, but in terms of the number of turns it takes to complete the ticket. When there are multiple different ways to complete the ticket in the minimum number of turns, then the points assigned usually correspond to the way which covers the fewest tracks (with the exception of Sea-NY).

For example, on LA-CHI, the shortest route is the one that takes 4 turns (3 greys, 5 whites, 4 pinks, 4 blues). That adds up to 16, so that's the number of points you get. LA-CHI can also be done while covering only 15 spaces, but it takes 6 turns (3 greys, 3 greys, 3 blues, 2 greys, 2 blue/pinks, 2 green/whites). So that isn't considered the shortest route.

Similarly, LA-MIA can be done in 19 spaces (if you have a lot of locos and aren't concerned about playing stupidly): 6 blacks, 4 reds, 1 grey, 2 greys, 6 reds. But it takes 5 turns to do it this way. The shortest route is the one which takes 4 turns and covers 20 spaces.

On a ticket like Por-Phe, there are 2 different ways to complete the ticket in 3 turns. One way covers 14 spaces (6 blues, 3 red/yellows, 5 whites). The other covers 11 (5 green/pinks, 3 yellow/pinks, 3 greys). In this situation, the points are based on the shortest track (in terms of turns) which covers the fewest spaces. So you get 11 pts, instead of 14. LA-NY is the same way, as are quite a few others.

I believe the only 2 exceptions are SSM-OK and Sea-NY. SSM-OK is worth 9 pts, even though the shortest way to complete it (4 turns) covers only 8 spaces. Sea-NY can be completed in 5 turns in 2 different ways. One way covers 22 spaces (6 yellows, oranges, and pinks, 2 greys, 2 green/whites). The other covers 20 (6 yellows & oranges, 3 reds, 3 black/oranges, 2 green/whites). But, for some reason, the game makers give you 22 pts, instead of 20.

Note also that there is virtually zero correlation between being the shortest route between 2 cities & the most desirable route between 2 cities. Very often, these shortest routes are not ones that you'd ever want to take.
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