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Why is the format a total joke? Tue, 26 January 2010 22:59
I just looked at the format of the qualifier (at least the USA pacific region) and it is as I feared.

The first round is 1 game of USA and 1 game of Europe.
Best 10 goto round 2. This is all fine.

Round 2: 2 Games of 5 Player 1910. Winner of each game goes to finals.

So not only is it 5 player - i.e. the most luck
It is 1910 which is again the most luck (that or Mega).

Why not just flip a coin to decide the winner?

Maybe if round 2 was an average of 2 games it would make up for the possiblity of really bad tickets. And in 1910 you can get unwinnable tickets especially in a 5 player game.


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Re:Why is the format a total joke? Wed, 27 January 2010 16:49
For me, what looks to be the biggest problem about all this is how qualifiying tournament organizers seem to have complete control over the format of their own regional tournament, but of course this leads to a common finals with common rules. I know this is a first try for DOW and there will be some twitching done in due time, but better laid out (and uniform) guidelines would have helped; it's not something that's very tough to implement either. There's even a recent regional tournament that had a Europa 1912 game in there; the game didn't even exist when the qualifiers started:

For any tournament of any kind, the credibility of the winner depends on the credibility of the process. I'm afraid that despite the broader appeal of the T2R World Championship (as opposed to the tournaments that happen on a regular basis around here), the winner will not be able to say he/she is really the world champion.

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