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Message for Saltan106 Thu, 01 July 2010 00:49
Hello Saltan106.

We played twice today. The first game, I threw some key blocks -- I had not noticed anything about your request to play "fair."

The second game, you asked me about fair, which is understandable. My game wasn't working, hence all my days of wonder responses to your question.

Had it been working, I would have told you that I respect the "fair" request, but that "fair" means more than not blocking, and if you break ANY of the fair rules, I will block to compensate.

Well, you broke TWO of those rules in successive turns, hence my blocking. Now you have me ignored, which I expected, but I will not go gently into that good night.

So what rules of "fair" games did you break that caused me to become block happy?

1) Playing every other leg.
As a fair game request, you are specifically asking the other player not to intentionally block you. I try to respect those requests. After all, it was your game. You are entitled to your request. However, you are taking advantage of that spirit when you play two non-connecting legs, leaving your obvious route between them open.

This is not fair, as you are claiming your full intention of routing without having to draw cards or even play them. Had my messaging worked, I would have warned you that if you want me to not block, then I expect you to play consecutive routing.

Your specific play was a DOUBLE UNFAIR move, as the between-route you were implying as YOURS was the 6-train route between Budapest and Kiev. Come on now Salt - you KNOW that isn't fair. You essentially wanted to "claim" that critical route (which usually requires 8 cards) and then have it marked for you while you drew the cards required to play it. If the 6er was part of your strategy, that should have been what you were aiming for instead of playing a 2, another 2, another 2, and a 3.

2) Establishing your desired location, then drawing more tickets without finishing

This, also, is taking advantage of your opponent agreeing to not intentionally block you. It's similar, but slightly different. In this scenario, you have made the moves to indicate your desired locations (thus preventing me from playing to block your route there).

This you did with your 2,2,2, and 3 card plays (Brest-Petrograd). At this point, you now draw destinations, wanting to see which side trips you might add on, such as London-Wien, Kiev-Petrograd, Berlin-Moskva, Riga-Bucuresti, Berlin-Bucuresti, Warsaw-Smolensk, Frankfurt-Smolensk, Marseilles-Essen, Kiev-Essen, Wien-Paris, Zagrab-Paris. There's also Kiev-Sochi, Sevastapol-Sochi, and Smolensk-Rostov.

Again, since you've established your destination, now that you have 5 destinations to my 2, I am handcuffed from making your life difficult to make your original destination without blocking.

I hope you remove the ignore, but I doubt it. I also doubt you even understand what I'm saying about these moves. Most players that don't want to play the game the way it was intended are only going to focus on blocking as "unfair."

the aceman
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Re:Message for Saltan106 Sat, 10 July 2010 21:16
The simplest thing to do is just not join games called "fast&fair"

Because they turn out to be "Long&Unfair"

Perhaps start creating your own games with titles of 1400+ and just play with players around your score level, which for the most part understand the game and that blocking is part of it.

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