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December 2008
Tales and Legends: The Great Curse Sun, 08 August 2010 17:06

All Special Powers (including those in decline, if any) are useless this turn. Racial Powers still apply.

How does this affect the in decline ability "spirit" (where the race doesn't count as a race in decline) Do they suddenly cause the other in decline race of that player to go away (or itself if it's the older race in decline)?

What about the Fortification ability (the one where you can place fortresses on the table) Do the fortresses remain in play? Do they just not provide defensive bonuses and money for the turn?

I'm sure there are other special abilities that would be -- shall we say quirky -- when they are taken away for a turn...

Just picked up this deck, so looking to get this cleared up before we play.

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November 2009
Re:Tales and Legends: The Great Curse Wed, 18 August 2010 21:16
The Great Curse was definitely the hardest rule to interprit so far because it effects so many things. Because it specifically says it affects special powers (Active and Inactive), it really hurts.

I have a feeling this removes all fortresses, active or inactive races.

I think this unfortunately kills off the oldest of the two races in decline.

I think the 3VP gets waived when selecting new races. Any opinions?

I have a feeling all seas must be abandoned.

I think all camps must be removed for the turn.

Hordes of:
No extra two tokens for the turn

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August 2010
Re:Tales and Legends: The Great Curse Sun, 29 August 2010 13:14
Hmm, although I agree fortifications and encampments would be ineffective for the turn, I don't think they should be removed as such. Just don't count them.

Seafaring is also one of the quirkier abilities during the curse, but I'd say they get to keep their sea regions they just can't conquer new ones.

The power of Cursed is neither active nor inactive as it doesn't apply to any on-board races so I think you still have to pay the 3 VP.

Removing Spirit Races is perhaps a bit too harsh. I'd just not count VP for them for the round if they are not the primary Decline race. (they recoil from the curse or whatever)
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Re:Tales and Legends: The Great Curse Mon, 30 August 2010 10:31
Yes this card may be difficult to interpret.

Basically, when this card comes into play, consider that all active Special Powers go in decline. In-decline Races/Powers are not affected.

- A Spirit active Race that chooses to go in decline this turn won't be able to use the "Spirit" effect. (a Spirit Race that is already in decline is not affected).

- Fortresses remain on the board and still provide defensive bonuses. However, a Fortified Race cannot build any new Fortress this turn. It does not score extra VPs for the Fortresses that were already built (exactly as if the Race were in decline).

- It still costs 3 VP to bypass the "Cursed" Race.

- A Seafaring race can no longer conquer Sea regions. Tokens may be left in these regions though (exactly as is the Race were in decline).

- A Bivouacking Race can no longer use its encampments this turn.

- The two "Hordes Of" tokens cannot be used this turn.
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July 2012
Re:Tales and Legends: The Great Curse Sun, 22 July 2012 12:20
Antoine wrote on Mon, 30 August 2010 04:31

- A Bivouacking Race can no longer use its encampments this turn.

What about this:

I'm the last player in turn order.

Turn 3:
I have a Bivouacking Gypsies, get 5 regions, place encampments.

Turn 4:
The Great Curse kicks in. All my encampments are now useless and don't provide the +1 Defense (is this correct?), but the tokens stay on the board.
I leave all my regions (putting the coins as usual per the Gypsies power), and remove the encampments.
I, then conquer 6 regions and CAN'T place new encampments, since they can only be placed in my turn, and in this particular turn, my Special Power is useless.

Did we play this right?

Basically, if you happen to be the last player, have Bivouacking and somehow you remove the encampments (be it by leaving the board and re-entering or because of some power), you essentially get screwed two whole turns with a single card. That's nasty! Razz

Another one:

Are you required to remove the Bivouacking encampments at the start of the turn when under The Great Curse? Or can you leave them there, even if powerless?

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