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Are DoW Servers having a problem? Sun, 21 November 2010 12:21
Hi All!

Re-downloaded the TTR client last week. Took 'forever' at about 7k per sec.

Signed up today for the Memoir Online Beta and started downloading the 100Mb game file at 5-6K, so I paused the d/l.

Thought hmmmm.

Went to "The Spiel" podcast site and downloaded three 60+Mb episodes at 200k+ per sec. Went back to Dow - now currently d/l at 5-6k, estimated finish time is 4hrs, 8mins.

I can understand the servers having problems if there's a gazillion M44 fans trying to d/l the online version, but this is the same slow speed I was getting early last week.

Any ideas?

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Re:Are DoW Servers having a problem? Mon, 22 November 2010 10:07
I'm not a computer wiz, but if the servers were having trouble I would imagine it would affect everyone trying to download things.

I hope you've been able to get things working again! Good luck. Cool
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