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December 2010
mismatch login/password Sun, 02 January 2011 07:10
I have been playing without any problem. However, today I got a password/login mismatch. I tried to reset the password but got the same problem. Any help? thanks a lot!
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Re:mismatch login/password Mon, 03 January 2011 04:14
I assume you've been playing Memoir '44 online, but you didn't specify so I'm not actually sure...

You might want to send in a bug report so the DoW team can help you more effectively. Go to the Memoir '44 Online web site and find the 'Bug Report' at the bottom of the page. By sending in a report, they will be able to help you and if this is a larger issue they'll be able to fix it for other players.

Good luck! Cool
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