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Spreading out Fri, 04 February 2011 19:54
When you get a new race and you have to enter on the edge. Do you have to spread out from that first point or can you dominate any land all over the board as long as it is on an edge?

In other words. If I start at the southern tip on a piece of land on the edge. Can I also come in from the North as well as the East and West? Or am I limited to that first spot and then getting the adjacent lands from that first spot?

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June 2010
Re:Spreading out Sat, 05 February 2011 01:57
Check Page 4 of the rules:

First Conquest
A player's race deploying on the map for the first time must enter it by conquering...a Region adjacent to the edge of the board, or one whose shore is on a Sea.

Then further down the page...

Following Conquests
Each of the newly conquered regions must be adjacent to (i.e. sharing a border with) a Region already occupied by his active race tokens.

The obvious exceptions here are Flying or Catapult races. But only a Flying race would be able to do what you are describing--hitting regions at the edge of the map, North, South, East, and West. In order to enter from another direction of the board, all races would have to abandon their present regions and re-enter the map from elsewhere at the beginning of a turn. (See pg.6: "Abandoning a Region")

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