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How To Learn Winter Wars Mon, 27 June 2011 20:04
I've played all the Winter Wars scenarios once (now both sides) for the normal-sized board, and two (now all) W-W Breakthrough scenarios on one side (now both sides).

Winter Wars has plenty for you to learn.
New rules: Winter Weather and Reduced Visibility;
New cards: Winter Combat and Breakthrough cards;
Armor variants: Tank Destroyers and Half-Tracks;
Artillery variants: Mobile Artillery and Heavy Anti-Tank Guns (88's);
Infantry variants: Combat Engineers plus Special Weapon Assets of Mortars, Machine Guns, and Anti-Tank Guns;
Terrain: Hills with Villages/Forest (tiles from Eastern Front), Winter Roads and Frozen Rivers; and
Tokens: Exits and Medal Objectives (e.g. Majority which is really a Plurality).

Some scenarios were difficult and we made mistakes with the rules, trying to learn them all at once. If I had to do over again, I would start with a scenario... The Hell of Grussenheim (French Open 2012) which uses
>Winter Combat Cards as an option,
>Minefields (Eastern?),
>City Ruins, and
>Impassible River (only looks Frozen, but not enough to cross).

...or I would start with a scenario that just used Winter Weather and Winter Combat cards e.g.
Relief of Peiper (W-W #6), which also has
>Blowing up Bridges, and
>1 Combat Engineer.

...or add them to scenarios for the winter board, such as
Strasbourg, which uses
>Frozen Rivers, and
>Optional Air Strikes (in Classified Air Pack Version),
...and the 3 scenarios where Air Power is played as an Artillery Bombard card:
Bastogne Corridor West,
Bastogne Corridor East (Airplane in AP Version), and
Suomussalmi (Ski Troops, Frozen River).

I played a desert scenario from 2010 that simulates a Sandstorm. I wouldn't mind playing it again with Reduced Visibility, instead of its Night Attack Rules. If you're familiar with Mediterranean Theater, then I'd recommend
Deir el Shein - Act 1 which also has
>SWAs #2 Anti-Tank Guns - Early War,
>Minefields (Med Pack or Terrain Pack),
>North African Desert Rules, and
>British Commonwealth Forces - Battle Back.

Next, I'd add Reduced Visibility with Winter Weather and Winter Combat to replay:
Twin Villages and

All the Winter Wars Scenarios use Winter Weather and Winter Combat (Cards); Reduced Visibility is the 3rd big rule. Once familiar with them, I'd play the Winter Wars Scenarios to learn the variant units in this order:
Clervaux - the Road to Bastogne (W-W #2) uses
>Pontoon Bridge rules,
>1 Tank Destroyer,
>3 Permanent Medals (Turn Start).
>Exits, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Longvilly Trap (W-W #1) uses
>1 Roadblock,
>2 SWAs #6 Mortars - Late War,
>1 Combat Engineers,
>2 Tank Destroyers,
>Exits, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Wardin (W-W #4) uses
>Winter Minefields,
>2 Half-Tracks,
>Majority Medal Objective,
>2 Combat Engineers,
>1 Tank Destroyer, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Baraque De Fraiture (W-W #5, with roads) uses
>2 Heavy Anti-Tank Guns (88's),
>1 Tank Destroyer,
>1 Half-Track,
>1 SWA #6 Mortar - Late War, and
>3/3 Sudden Death Objective.
Battle in the Schnee Eifel (W-W #3) uses
>1 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Guns - Late War,
>1 SWAs #7 Machine Gun,
>2 Combat Engineers,
>4 Tank Destroyers,
>3 Permanent Medals (Turn Start), and
>1 Sudden Death Objective.

You may want to get familiar with the Breakthrough Cards by playing a shorter (6 medals) scenario than those in the Winter Pack:
Operation Amherst (B-T #9), a Classified Scenario, which has
>Flooded Fields with High Ground Rules, and
>3 Paradrops (instead of 1 like Sainte-Mère-Eglise)

If I'd done it this way, I think I'd have enjoyed the scenarios more, played them correctly and been better prepared to handle the Winter Breakthrough scenarios (W-W #7-10). The latter uses nearly all the above rules (except 88's and Air Rules) plus Mobile Artillery and Breakthrough Cards.

Peiper at Stoumont (W-W #7) uses
>3 Mobile Artillery,
>2 Tank Destroyers,
>1 Half-Track,
>1 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Guns - Late War,
>2 Majority Medal Objectives, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Escape along Salmchâteau (W-W #8) uses
>4 Tanks Destroyers,
>2 Mobile Artillery,
>Exits, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Resistance at Marvie (W-W #9) uses
>Winter Minefields,
>Frozen Rivers,
>Majority Medal Objective, and
>Reduced Visibility.
The Final Counter-attack (W-W #10) uses
>1 Hills with Forests,
>1 Tank Destroyer,
>1 Mobile Artillery,
>1 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Gun - Late War,
>3 SWAs #6 Mortars - Late War,
>2 SWAs #7 Machine Guns,
>2 Majority Medal Objectives (Turn Start), and
>3 Last-to-Occupy Medal Objectives.

Right now, until I've mastered all the applicable rules and cards, I don't want to spoil the Winter Overlord scenario, Firefight in Neffe, which uses
>1 Hills with Villages,
>Winter Railroads,
>1 Roadblock,
>4 Tank Destroyers,
>2 SWAs #6 Mortars - Late War,
>2 SWAs #7 Machine Guns,
>Frozen River,
>4 Sole-Control Medal Objective (Allies),
>1 Majority Medal Objective (Turn Start),
>2 Majority Medal Objectives,
>2 Last-to-Occupy Medal Objectives, and
>Reduced Visibility.

There's also a Winter scenario in the B-T book with Reduced Visibility and Supply Trucks, that you could add Winter Weather and Winter Combat (Cards) to as well as the snow-covered road tiles, but I haven't learned Tiger Tank rules yet and don't have truck or Tiger figures.

I saw there are half-track figures in another expansion, but are there ones for tank destroyers?

Note: I've expanded this for clarity and to add links, new info, etc.

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Re:How To Learn Winter Wars Tue, 28 June 2011 01:22
Have you tried Rasmussen81's weather chart? It is a re-working of the night chart and the weather can get better or worse. I've played it with my "The Bulge Breaks Through" and "The Battle of the Bulge" scenarios. Give it a try, I like it better than the reduced visibility rules. The weather can get better, worse, or stay the same. It is available here: f

Give it a try!

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Re:How To Learn Winter Wars Tue, 28 June 2011 11:06
jfkoski wrote on Mon, 27 June 2011 19:04

I saw there are half-track figures in another expansion, but are there ones for tank destroyers?

No, not yet Wink. You use the shield markers provided.
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Re:How To Learn Winter Wars Wed, 22 August 2012 01:48
This is an old thread, so please pardon me for bringing it back, but someone asked me about it last week. The Equipment Pack is coming out and may or may not have scenarios to teach you to use 1 new unit at a time. I thought I'd look up official unclassified scenarios (links follow) that might help you learn 1 new rule each (highlighted in red). I also updated my previous post.

Camouflage is one Winter Combat card, but no W-W scenarios start units as such. (It was several games before the card appeared.) I played Counter-attack at Holtzwihr, where units start camouflaged to get a better feel for it. I used Winter Combat (cards) and Winter Weather, but I might play again just as the rules state without them.

Recently I got the Battle Map (Disaster at Dieppe) with figures for the Half-Tracks and Long-Range Patrol Cars. There are scenarios which are good for introducing those units; one of which is currently unclassified:
6 Half-Tracks: Le-Mesnil-Adelée

I played another unclassified scenario recently; (it also has an early-war Mortar, but that isn't in a position for good effect):
1 Patrol Car: Oath of Kufra

You can download the Vercors campaign. Four out 5 scenarios use 1 SWAs #3 Mortar - Early War. Oddly these official scenarios are still classified. Some have Mountains that infantry can climb, as described in Terrain Pack! Another has a Villages with Hills tile that is actually next to hills, so units get the defense while attacks out don't suffer the hill defense! I hope to play them soon:
1 SWAs #3 Mortar - Early War: Maquis of Malleval.

There's a couple Breakthrough scenarios that use the Troops 23: Heavy Anti-Tank Guns rule, but call it, 88mm artillery. I did find another regular-sized scenario:
1 Heavy Anti-Tank Gun (88mm): Capture of Vire (note: Air Rules apply for Allies, 1 Fordable Stream #61),
or Battle of Abbeville BT scenario, (note: this is 1940 where French badges are for elite infantry and elite tanks (4 figs), not French Resistance).

I learned a lot of new rules playing Memoir'44 Online, which has scenarios from Eastern Front, Pacific Theater and Mediterranean Theater.

1 Mobile Artillery: Sugar Loaf and Half Moon, Online or Pacific.

3 SWAs #2 Anti-Tank Guns - Early War, Into the Cauldron, Online or Mediterranean.

Frozen Rivers, Strasbourg. Several Eastern Front scenarios are playable Online, but have other rules, too, like Commissar. This unclassified early version of Strasbourg has you roll 1d on crossing instead of current 2d for movement and 2d for retreat, so suit yourself.

I don't see good demo scenarios for Tank Destroyers and SWAs #7 Machine Guns. If there are some good examples in SFTF, maybe you can post a link. Combat Engineers and Exits are common, so likely you've learned them already.

If you've got the hang of a lot of rules and own many expansions, the Breakthrough Kit is for you, though I'd get the Breakthrough Deck first/simultaneaously. Even though I played all the Med Pack scenarios Online, I still wanted it for the Breakthrough scenarios that use BCF Rules for just the British figures. There's also a few scenarios that use a lot of "new" rules:

Omaha Beach Exit D1 uses 1 Heavy Anti-Tank Gun, 1 SWAs #6 Mortar - Late War, 4 Landing Crafts, and 1 Destroyer (the ship).

"Tissu est dans iode" uses 1 Heavy Anti-Tank Gun (88's), 3 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Guns - Late War, 1 SWAs #6 Mortar - Late War, exit, and Urban Combat Cards (from Sword of Stalingrad).

Battle on Martinville Ridge uses Minefields, Fordable Streams #61, 2 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Guns - Late War, 1 SWAs #6 Mortar - Late War, and Allied Air Strikes.

Capture of Falaise by jdrommel in 2010, is still in the SFTF section. It uses BCF Rules, Snipers, SWAs #2 Anti-Tank Gun - Early War, SWAs #3 Mortar - Early War, 2 Flame-Thrower Tanks, 1 Tiger Tank, permanent sandbags, Ruins and Total Elimination as an Allied Victory Condition (10 kills + 3 Snipers). I plan to substitute Late War SWAs, and use Urban Combat Cards. Whew!

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Re:How To Learn Winter Wars Mon, 20 May 2013 20:58
My buddy and I have now played our 40th game using Winter Combat Cards: Rzhev Overlord.

It wasn't on my list and doesn't call for Winter Cards, but since it has a frozen river, I figured it would be appropriate as a variant.

Also, we are training up to play Sword of Stalingrad next month, which uses Urban Combat Cards, and thought this would be a good intro to Commissar with Overlord. Overlord gets a little confusing so I came up with a 2-page OL-sequence summary, in my User Pages (look left), and on BoardgameGeek. We only made 1 mistake that I know: I played a Recon-Center, but I gave the Winter Card I drew to my Right Field General.

I still haven't played both sides of all the scenarios I've listed above with Winter Cards, but hope to get back to them.

The artillery in Capture of Falaise were too powerful, so next time we'll downgrade them to Heavy Anti-Tank Guns (88s). Should we change some tanks to Tank Destroyers?

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