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March 2004
Correctly marking scoresheets... Fri, 22 April 2005 02:36
Mystery of the Abbey is one of my favorite games but I have run into this problem several times and so I want to address it.

In a number of games, we have had people who "thought" they had correctly deduced a suspect and therefore checked it off on their player's log. Unfortunately, their logic was not so good. Nor was their memory.

So when another player asked who they had checked off...the "deduced" suspects invaribly were mentioned... and it threw the results of the entire game into chaos.

So we now propose and enforce this rule:

Players who have physically SEEN a suspect card MUST mark it with an "S"

If you are only deducing a suspect then a "/" (for people who are neat) OR a "D" must be entered, until you are able to physically see the card. Then you MUST replace with an "S".

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Luke the Flaming
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July 2003
Re:Correctly marking scoresheets... Fri, 22 April 2005 03:24
We do a similar thing as well, even if we allow each player to use the symbols he/she prefers to mark "seen" and "deduced" suspects.
It proved to be necessary... Rolling Eyes
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February 2003
Re:Correctly marking scoresheets... Fri, 22 April 2005 10:04
Here is the way I mark things on my sheet :

- if I "deduce" something I write down a '+'
- When I see a character I write down a 'x' (so when you finally see a character you had deduced, it shows a nice star : * Wink)
- I draw a circle around the symbol for the characters in my starting hand (the ones I try not to give during the mass)

And, because I am not a good guy, I note down a letter for each player when I knox for sure he has seen a given character... who knows if you won't be given a chance to give it back to him later in the game Twisted Evil

Hope this helps...

Good games

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