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August 2011
Wifi for Mac Version? Sun, 08 April 2012 15:34
Does the new Mac version allow one to play wirelessly on a local network against the iPad and Ipod Touch versions without connecting over the internet?
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October 2002
Re:Wifi for Mac Version? Sun, 08 April 2012 20:33
No, the Mac version does not support Local network play. It does support Online play though, including against the iPad version.
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December 2008
Re:Wifi for Mac Version? Mon, 09 April 2012 03:06
Thanks for the Mac version - it's really frustrating now to have the iPhone version not only as the only one with asynchronous play but also not connected online to Mac and iPad. My Apple family ecosystem needs the phone and we all would love to play online asynchronous. Here's hoping for the big unifying release of all the apps with all the features. Maybe when Mountain Lion shipps?
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