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July 2012
  Bivouacking Confusion... Sat, 21 July 2012 23:10
For the most part, I use this ability exactly how it's stated in the first sentence of the description:

Deploy the 5 Encampment tokens in any of your Region(s), during your Troop Redeployment phase.

It's simple, and makes sense. The rest of the description makes sense as well except for this sentence:

Each turn you may break camp and settle in any new Region you occupy.

1. By each turn, does it refer to your opponents' turns as well? Are you allowed to change Encampments during someone else's turn, and during what phase would you?

2. The new seems to imply you can only move your Encampments to Regions you just conquered in that turn. So, you can either keep your Encampments where they are, or move them strictly to newly-conquered Regions during Troop Redeployment. Is this true?

I have a feeling I'm looking too much into the sentence and it's just saying you can change your Encampments' positions on each of your Troop Redeployments, but I want to know for sure.
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Re:Bivouacking Confusion... Sun, 22 July 2012 00:53
Welcome to the forums!! I hope we're able to help you find an answer that makes sense. Cool

Unfortunately I think you might be looking at the sentence too hard...all it's saying is that each time it's your turn, you can pull the Encampments off the board and put them in any of your regions. New or old; the same as before or not; your choice.

As a side note, you might also like to know that you can place as many of them in a region as you want! So if you thought it would help you better, you could put 3 Encampments in one region and 2 in another. Smile

I hope this helps! Cool
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