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August 2012
Game is stuck! Sun, 26 August 2012 22:59
Just got the version for iPad yesterday. Today when I try to load it, it is stuck on the first page, with instructions to take a ticket or enter the door on the right. There is no conductor, no ticket, no door, just music. How do I get this unstuck? Help!
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October 2002
Re:Game is stuck! Mon, 27 August 2012 21:46
Were you able to play the game earlier?

if so, simply force-quit the app by double clicking on the home button on your iPad, then looking in the bottom tray that appears for the icon of Ticket to Ride and tapping on the small x to close it.

If this is the first time you are launching the app, then it looks like your download from Apple's servers might have failed. Confused In that case, delete the App (by holding your finger on the icon until the icons all wiggle, then clicking on the small x and confirming you want to delete it). This will delete the App from your iPad. Then go back to the App Store and "buy" it again. you will NOT be charged again by Apple, and will be able to download and install a new uncorrupted version again.

Note that if you installed the App via iTunes on your computer, you will need to delete the version in your iTunes library before attempting to synchronize your iPad again.
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