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November 2002
"Damaged File" error message ? No, it's only GateKeeper Thu, 20 September 2012 10:59
If you are trying to install Memoir '44 Online on MacOS, using the installer you just downloaded from Days of Wonder's web site, and you get an error saying there are Damaged files, then you should simply get around GateKeeper.

Starting with Mountain Lion (MacOS 10.8.x) and Lion's update 10.7.5, installers have to be signed, otherwise MacOS refuses to run them. The installer is older than this requirement, and therefore it is not signed. But you can install it if you follow these steps:

1. Open the System Preferences
2. Go to Security and Privacy
3. In tab General, modify the radio button "Allow installing applications downloaded from ", and choose "anywhere"
4. Then, run the installer again.
5. Once the installation is completed, you shall reset the system preferences, if you wish.

Have fun.
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