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September 2012
TTR Pocket iPhone 5 - iOS 6 Update? Mon, 29 October 2012 04:59
I play ticket to ride on my iphone daily, probably more then 10 games a day. Unfortunately I got a new iphone 5 with iOS6 and everything seems to be breaking constantly now. I have the game freeze on me all the time, and sometimes so bad that I need to restart the device to get TTR to even boot again. Also I tend to have multiple problems with Game Centers errors, which results in me having to quit TTR and then reenter the game, this can happen anywhere from 5 - 20 times per game played against friends.

Additionally it would be awesome to take full advantage of the iPhone 5 additional screen space so that everything will not feel as crowded on the screen.

Are there any plans to update the game soon? I am an avid player, but my frustration continues to grow every day.

Thanks in Advance. Confused
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