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iPad Game Centre and Pc Multiplayer Tue, 13 November 2012 14:44

My sister has TTR on Game Centre on her iPad and myself and my dad both have Pcs with Steam and Web versions.

Does my sister need to do anything in order for us to play online together or should we just be able to see each other in the player list?

I am sure I read on one of the pages that she may need to get a Days of Wonder account and then get them linked somehow.....

Any advice gratefully accepted.
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Re:iPad Game Centre and Pc Multiplayer Tue, 13 November 2012 18:45
As long as everyone has a DoW (Days of Wonder) account, it should work.

If you do see that it doesn't work, get as MUCH detail as you can as to what happened (i.e. screenshots, pc/tablet specs of the one person who can't seem to connect, etc) and contact DoW Support via the About button and submit a ticket.

Also with tablets and pcs, if you find that one of the items (i.e. tablet) cannot connect, try and see if can play with the other person who has a similar item. (i.e. try to isolate as much as possible). Items like that go a LONG way to help isolate the issue from DoW end vs sending a ticket that says "Can't connect" with no information whatsoever!!

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