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December 2012
New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Sun, 30 December 2012 01:10
Something similar may have been proposed before (I'm new to the forums and haven't had a chance to look through all the content yet), so please let me know if this is verging on a duplicate thread.

I would love to see another stand-alone expansion to Small World (something like Underground), only set in the clouds above the original SW. Map elements could include rainbow fields, beanstalk forests, cumulus mountains, etc. Races could be sky-giants, birdmen, Gnomish gyrocopters, pegasus(es), Annoying Jacks (of beanstalk fame), etc.

I threw sky-giants, Jacks, and beanstalks up there because the lore is already perfect for creating scenarios where Underworld-like relics can be used and stolen (see Jack stealing from the giants) and beanstalks allow for combination of the original SW and this new world, like tunnels serve to connect SW and SWU.

Basically, I want a sky-world so that I can combine it with SW and SWU in order to have massive games that are waged across the lands, undergrounds, and skies of Smallworld. I am selfish like this.
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Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Sun, 30 December 2012 08:15
I like the idea!! I bet there are lots of fun races that could be added to the sky realm:

Dragons, Griffons, Fairies, etc.

It sounds like a fun addition to the game. I would buy a set! Cool
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December 2012
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Sun, 30 December 2012 22:55
Thanks! Dragons, Griffons, and Fairies are great ideas.

I was also thinking Drakes (might be too similar to Dragons) and Mockingbirds. Mockingbirds could choose at the beginning of their turn to ignore their own special power and copy the special power or racial bonus of another active race. These might be too over-powered for the game, but feel free to insert To Kill A Mockingbird jokes here.

Maybe just have Crows replace Lost Tribes (murdering murders of crows)

Other region types could be rain clouds (like mud or swamps) and empty sky (acting like rivers from SWU in that they can be crossed but can't be held onto for scoring). Thermals could connect distant regions like caverns (usable by a special power, High-Flying or something like that).

Maybe sky-giants could build castles-in-the-sky similar to fortresses. There could be a special power or racial bonus (storm elementals as a race?) that could create massive, multi-regional storms (4 to 5 adjacent regions) that act like 1 additional unit for conquering and defense purposes (non-stackable, can't hold onto a region with a storm token alone).

Maybe have Starry/Sunny special powers that alternate effectiveness based on the turn count (like the were- power). Maybe Starry gives bonus unit tokens for conquering on even turns while Sunny doubles region points on odd turns or something similar. Though I guess I'm not overly attached to this idea, I'm just throwing things out there.

Could we just go all out and design a fan-based version of this and then somehow convince DOW to make it? The gamers here already seem very active in creating new races/powers and DOW seems to be very receptive to new ideas (because, let's face it, they're an awesome company). I'm certainly open to suggestions.
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December 2012
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Mon, 04 February 2013 02:00
While reading your comment about the Skyrealm of Small World an additional idea popped into my head.

A SpaceRealm(!)
Small World - Outer Space

Since this supposedly also would be a stand-alone game, this could easly attract thouse players that aren't that found of the Fantasy World.
~A possible outcome that might generate more money/people playing could be a Star Wars/Trek editions, thus this would require official star wars/trek characters which I think would ruin the games charm with its own races.~
Thus combining four 2-player maps could result in a 8-player game. I think making the game bigger to suit more then 8 people would be unfavorable to the game... But who knows?

The Spacerealm could include landscape such as:

Wormholes - working as portal. You leave one token to pass throught it, which you have to redeploy during the redeployment-phase. To make it different from the rivers in Small World Underworld they should all be shattered out. (Of course there will be a way to control these. Which would be equal to powers that can conquer Seas/Lakes/Rivers)
The above is the main idea but I have several complementing ideas for further dimension to the game:
1.Randomizing for each game were the Wormholes will lead - mixing up Wormhole tokens, placing them facedown on the board until they are all distributed. Turning them and leaving them, since they show which Wormholes that are connected.
2.Considering the Wormhole to be a risk, roll the dice to see if you lose any units.
3. Risking randomize were you will end up using the die. Naming the Wormholes, 1 "token", 2"tokens", 3"tokens". If you roll a side with a token(s) you must go to that Wormhole, even if it is were you started. Blank, you may choose location.

Planet/landscape - Of course there should be a bunch of planets with equal properties as the other games.
Sand/Dust-planets - equal to fields
Forrestplanets - equal to forrest
Swapyplanets - equal to swaps

But the problem might be interlacing the planets, when making it RPG:y enough. While just playing with Spacerealms heros you could suppose they all know spacetravel - thus while combining with SW/SWU/SWSky/ this might cause a problem.
My idea for solving this would be making two or three large planets with several regions containing different properties (all with a breathable atmosphere), interlacing the planets with spacestations (equal to mountains), making it possible to interlace planets over several regions.

Laser Canon
Idea 1. While controlling this region, once per turn your first conquer will require one less token./You're provided with a extra "Laser Canon"-token used as a Race token.
Idea 2. Regions around the Canon will cost 2 less tokens to conquer if you control the Laser Canon. (Minimum of one token to conquer adjecent regions)
Idea 3. The adjecent regions to the canon, and the regions that are adjecent to the "adjecent regions", require 1 less token to conquer. the Laser Canon could have restriction regardless of what "idea" that is picked; it won't activate until mid-game, rounding upwards. 8-round game means activates at the 4th round.
(I've edited a few times, but I can't really figure out what is more balanced, so I'll leave it at this - though I have several adjustments to the options/ideas to make them more/less powerfull. Opinions?).

Spacerealm Races:

Obviously there's a lot of openings for alien races and of course lots of expansions, but I'll mention a few that I come to think of. The ones that I come and think of are mostly translations from the existing games, but with different lores. But to make it desirable to people allready playing SM it should include lots of new races.

Dune Worms - As your race is beeing able to travel under grund and through space stations you may choose to abondon all but one region while traveling your "cave system". (Over riding the rule for >Abandoning a region)Forcing you to conquer adjecent regions. You then leave one VC from the stash in that region marking which regions you've abandoned. If you succesfully return to that region you gain one VC. Opposing races cannot obtain the VC. The coins will stay in play until Dune Worms go in decline.

Time Travelers - Practically the Elves, but with a different lore. Since they are beeing able to travle through time, they survive since they never went to the invaded region or just evaded every opposing attack.

Mind Controlers - (Sorceres). You use mindcontroll to convert opposing races. The preqisite is that there is only one token in that region, and this alowes you to change the opposing race token with one of your own from the storage.

Replicators - (Skeletons). During Troop Redeployment take 1 new Replicator from the storage for every 2 non-empty Regions you conquer this turn, and add it to the troops you redeploy at the end of your turn.

Virus - You infect the the region, thus making it cost 1 additional token to conquer. And if your oponent fail to make a final conquer(using the die), he have to "kill" one of his troops/tokens - placing it in the storage.

Robots - As they are beeing able to re-asseble emidiatly, you may redeploy them before the conquering players next conquest.

UFO:s - Option 1.(Halflings). The Astonauts may enter the map through any Region. Placing two motherships in orbit "above"(on) the regions making them immune to enemy conquests as well as recial and special powers.
Option 2. You may enter the map through any Region. Placing two motherships in orbit "above"(on) the region, the mother ships must be in adjecent regions. These works as fortified, agumenting your region by 1, and giving you 2 VC per ship in play at the and of your turn.

Astronauts - (Giants). The Astronauts may conquer any region adjecent to spacestation region they occupy for one less AStronaut token. A minimum of 1 token is reqired.

Spacerealm Special Powers:

(I won't describe them further; there should be Special Powers saying - controlling a "something" region will give you 1 extra VC at the end of your turn).

Space invading - Thise will be the Special Power beeing able to conquer the Wormholes. Giving them great map control since when they are obtained they may conquer the adjecent regions to the wormholes. Possibly to balance it out; they have to leave at least two tokens in a Worm Hole they wish to control. (This would be equal to Seafaring, and the Lake controlling-power.)

Android - (Pillage). You fool your surroundings by mimicking the race you attack. Every non-empty region you conquer is worth 1 bonus VC.

Shape shifting - When attacking, you obtain your opponents Racial Power during that single conquest. This only apply to active Races. This Special Power gives you thouse perks that you can use imidiatly, neglecting thouse that goes for in decline races or powers that you have to use before your turn starts etc.

I've allready posted this in a separete thread but I'll propose the idea here too.
There should be more openings to interactions between players and further use for the VC. With expansions some Races allow this and with the Tales and Legends there are auctions.
My idea was like this:
Much alike the mercenary that is able to buy "extra tokens", though the they go in the money stash, my idea was based on beeing able to "buy the region".

To make it more realistic and involve some RPG to the rule it would simulate you paying your opponents troops to withdraw. Thus this would not kill them(or should it kill one as usual?), giving all tokens back to the player beeing attacked. Then the amount of victory coins you spend would then go to the player which troops you paid to leave.
- You must attack with at least one token, and you pay for those you lack.

I figure that an increasing pricing per unit would be suitable, though I'm not sure what pricing would be fitting?
Example 1: 1st: 2 VC, 2nd: 5 VC, 3rd: 10 VC. (Paying for all 3: 17 VC)
Example 2: 1st: 5 VC, 2nd: 10 VC, 3rd: 15 VC. (Paying for all 3: 30 VC)
Example 3: 1st: 1VC, 2nd: 2 VC, 3rd: 3 VC. (Paying for all 3: 6 VC)
Example 4: 1 VC per token missing.

I figure a too high pricing would prevent people from using it, but a too low pricing wouldn't be balanced either. [ Edit]Giving it a second thought - One of your opponents Racial tokens probobly should go to the stash as usual to make the payment more desirable. [/Edit]

Well, that's all I've got for now. But I'd say it's a great idea expanding the Small World universe, and when combining the stand-alone games you open up to more players joining the same game.

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December 2012
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Wed, 16 April 2014 15:26
Well that seemed like a splendid idea I say! xD
A shame no one other seemed to like it Razz
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December 2012
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Wed, 16 April 2014 15:59
Well that seemed like a splendid idea I say! xD
A shame no one other seemed to like it Razz

- Double message, what does it mean? Surprised

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January 2013
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Wed, 16 April 2014 17:31
For the Sky version, why not set :

- Cloud regions that could act like Hills or Fields, with some special one with a Storm
- Rainbow regions
- Empty Sky regions that act like Seas and lakes (mentioned by someone before
- Swarm of bird regions ?
- Satellite regions !

Powers : Tornado, Meteore, Balloon, Stary...

Races :

- Witches (and their flying brooms, 6, maybe 7) : for each Witch you redeploy from conquested regions, gain 1 VP.

Bound to be updated regularly ! I actually like this idea a lot and I can't believe I didn't come up with it.
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March 2014
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Wed, 16 April 2014 20:59
would buy. it would be difficult to differentiate the regions though in the Sky.

A more design friendly idea would be outer space with moons, planets, asteroids, gas giants and stations as regions.

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October 2013
Re:New Small World Stand-Alone Game Proposal Thu, 17 April 2014 14:45
Terrains in the sky:
Solid clouds (hills)
Beanstalk field (farmland)
Hollow mountains (caverns)
Floating rocks (mountains)
Cloud generator (magic)
Open sky/storm clouds (seas)
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