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January 2013
Tales & Legends - "Decline & Fall" Explanation NEEDED Tue, 01 January 2013 03:20
3 players

player 1 has active race

player 2 has in decline race

player 3 has active race

. . . . .

How do the turn moves go? Player 1 still get a turn or no?

I Know player 2 does, but what about player 3? Or is his turn going into decline "at the start of the turn" as card specifies. Or, does player 3 still get the opportunity to play an active race. & is it so, that the curse of going 1st just is what it is?

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November 2006
Re:Tales & Legends - "Decline & Fall" Explanation NEEDED Fri, 04 January 2013 03:52
At the moment the turn marker is moved, both Player 1 and 3 put their active race in decline. Then the turn begins, with all 3 players choosing a new race for this turn.

Minor exception: If Player 2's in-decline race is the Ghouls, he/she can still do their racial ability first.
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October 2012
Re:Tales & Legends - "Decline & Fall" Explanation NEEDED Thu, 17 January 2013 07:02
I think that as soon as the turn marker moves, all races go into decline (in turn order if in decline ghouls are in play).

Once the last player has gone into decline, move the turn marker (and put the upcoming event into play) and begin player 1's turn with her/him picking a new race. This is similar to the previous post. I think the turn marker should be moved though (since going into decline is the first and only thing you can do).

I suppose a stout race would be another exception that would get a turn.
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