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October 2012
Sharing Ticket-to-Ride boards between macs Sun, 14 October 2012 19:38

I have two different macs. A macbook air when i am on the go, and a macbook pro when i am doing photo editing at home.. I have bought the ticket to ride game at app store, and i works just fine. But there is a problem with the extra maps that i bought - i am only able to use them on the macbook pro! I would really like to use the extra maps i bought for both of the macs.. I use the same apple ID on them both..

I hope that someone can help me with the problem..


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September 2012
Re:Sharing Ticket-to-Ride boards between macs Sat, 05 January 2013 23:27
I'm not the source of the official answer, but I have 2 ipads and 2 iphones all on one account. All I had to do was to go back into the 'store' area in TTR and tell it to get the map.. it seems it does a check and then they were available, and I did not have to pay again.

Hope that helps.


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