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EuroLeague Season 1 Divisions Mon, 14 January 2013 09:36
Hi all,

these are the divisions for season 1. If I forgot or misplaced someone please tell me immediately. Divisions have been pretty hard to form, so there can be mistakes! Divisions were formed according to the Euro ranking at 16:00 CET today.

To keep the equilibrium in divisions: number of players relegations will be 2 for divisions of 8 or less players, 3 if the players are 9 or more. In this season there are no divisions with more than 8 players.
Divisions with 6 players will have only 1 relegation.
Promotions and relegations will be only of 1 division. No 2 divisions jumps.

To contact the players: please pay attention to the names of the players!!! They can have differences due to Champions League or Nation Cup.

DEADLINE: March 24th

Tycoons(Division A)

belelule 1928
Angel6 1927
chrismmm_1987 1922
Knockando 1865
Drakestorm 1863
Sysyphus 1858
Val 1846

Engineers (Division B)

dea1 1837
Patterson 1809
Hecki 1800
dandee 1798
Onyx Puffin 1796
Qorlas 1776
Fitzcarraldo 1772

Conductors (Division C)

Enix 1767
Lucullupus 1758
lirex 1745
Doc 1716
Cat_ 1709
Yaelka 1703

Brakemen (Division D)

SuperPello 1697
Tyrana 1686
Geoff 1659
exceldsr 1565
enen 1537
JenAck 1469
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