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October 2012
some random questions Fri, 18 January 2013 14:14
Hi there.

I got a bunch of random questions about the game. If someone would help, that would be nice. Smile

How do you people "translate" areas from SW to SWU and the other way round? Both have five regular land types, so it makes sense to exchange them for each other. In addition, both get a water type, SWU got chasms, and SW got magic, mines and caves. The rulebook suggests using the SW mines as the SWU mines, but since one is an actual area type, while the oter is not, this doesn't seem to make any sense.

Mountain - Mountain
Swamp - Mud
Forest - Mushroom
Meadow - Crystal
Farmland - Mine
Lake - River
Magic - ?
Mine - ?
Cave - ?
? - Chasm

Another question: those mountain tiles of SWR confuse me. I guess you put a mountain tile on each moutain, to symbolize it being harder to conquer. But the peaks? Just put some on a few regular mountains?

Thanks for any help. Smile
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September 2012
Re:some random questions Sat, 19 January 2013 08:56
For SWR: The actual hexes do not have mountains drawn on them. You can basically add mountains anywhere you want when constructing a map by covering one of the underlying regions with a mountain piece. Peaks are basically double-mountains (base conquer cost is 4) and you put the peak tile on top of a mountain tile. Likewise chasms (unconquerable regions) can be put anywhere.

Unless you're following one of the scenarios in the rule book, you can pretty much make up any map layout you want with SWR so put things wherever you want. But the rules recommend trying to have about 9 conquerable regions per player and an even number of all region types for balance purposes.
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