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Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Wed, 09 January 2013 05:05
Fusion Cup Rules

(The FUSION CUP was so named since this Cup brings a fusion of all maps, a fusion of all skills, and fusion of teams for a tournament of sizzling games and matches.)

1. Team formation

1.1 Teams may consist of a minimum of 4 players.

1.2 In the spirit of the diversity and fusion meant for this Tournament, we offer the following guideline (not a rule) "Our desire to have diverse teams, hoping for people playing together who did not play on the same Nations Cup team in 2012."

1.3 This Cup tournament will use a Tournament Director (TD) to help facilitate the running of the Cup Tournament. There will also be an Organizing Committee who will assist in the smooth flow of the tournament.

1.4 Teams will be developed and registered as per instructions in section 2 of the rules.
Teams can made up in one of two ways:
a. Any team may sign up as a whole team, (or as an incomplete team looking for additional team members)
b. A person may sign-up as an individual in a FORUM thread with a Draft to occur for individuals onto a team. See notes in Rule 2.3 section for information on this draft.

1.5 Teams must allocate a Captain (and vice-Captain) who will be responsible for submitting team lineups to the TD.

1.6 If a player holds multiple DOW accounts, he/she must use their highest ranked account.

2. Team Registration

2.1 A maximum of 24 teams can be registered for this tournament. Teams are accepted in accordance with the rules on a 'first come, first served' basis. Teams must register through the appropriate threads in the Competitive Play forum.

2.2 The registration process includes both team registration and single player (having no team) declaration of intention to play.

2.3 Registration will comprise two phases.

2.3.1 Phase 1:. Phase 1 ( 2 1/2 weeks in length):
A FORUM thread will be opened for registration of: Complete teams, incomplete teams (stating what they are looking for) and individuals (stating what game they can/would like to play).
Incomplete teams and individuals can team up, thereby deleting their incomplete registration.
Individuals can withdraw their registration if they don't want to be included in the draft. Any team may sign up as a whole grouping during the registration process.

2.3.2 Phase 2 (occurs in 3rd week, probably beginning Monday)
On a specific day of the third week, (probably Monday) the List of incomplete teams and registered individuals will be published on a new thread.
On the next day of the third week: Captains of incomplete teams with 2 or 3 members can draft 1 player from the individuals list (first to post on new thread = first serve)
Then on the next two days () of the third week: Captains of teams of 4 needing/wanting a 5th player and incomplete teams of 2 or 3 (who missed the chance)can draft 1 or 2 players from the individuals list (again first to post on new thread = first serve)
On last day of registration of the third week: An organizing committee puts the remaining individuals together to teams as they see fit.

3. Organization of play

3.1. Explanation
Cup Tournament > Round Robin > Clash > Match > game
Clash = encounter between two teams
Match = encounter between two players
Round Robin: if a group plays a round robin, each team plays against each other team in that group once.

3.2 Cup Tournament overview: This tournament will be comprised of Two dimensions of the tournament: a Round Robin set of games to determine play-off spots, and the Knock-out Round/Play-offs to determine the champion. The tournament plan will comprise 8-12 weeks including time in between round robin and knockout phase.

3.3 Each Clash in both the Round Robin time and the Knock-out/Play-offs will include 4 types of matches:
1) A 2 player match of 6 games on all the TTR maps, using 6 of the 7 different maps,
2) A 2 player match of 6 games on the USA map
3) A 2 player match of 6 games USA, USA, Euro, Euro, USA, Euro
4) A 4 player TAG match of 3 games using the TAG rules found in section 5.

3.4 Match pairings
Captains choose a lineup per clash, (see rule 4.2). Each clash, they are free to choose players and slots they play in for the 2 player matches. Captains may nominate duplicate players from matches 1, 2, or 3 in the TAG match.

3.5 Match Scoring
a) Each game of a match is to be played. (all 6 in the 2 player, and all 3 in the TAG match. Tied games shall count (as 0.5 in singles, as 1 in TAGs)

b) When a match is completed, recording of the scores would be as follows:
2 player matches score 1 point for each win and any ties count as 0.5 points.
TAG matches score as 2 points for a win and any tie as 1 point.

Thus possible results of a match are 6-0; 5.5-0.5; 5-1; 4.5-1.5; 4-2; 3.5-2.5; 3-3.

c) When a match is complete, clash points are then decided. Scoring of the Clash stage will be as follows:
+ 1 point for an overall match win. A match win constitutes winning more games than the opposing player.
+ 0.5 points for an overall match tie. A clash tie constitutes an even number of games won.
- 0 points for an overall match loss. A clash loss constitutes winning less games than the opposing player.
Possible scores for a Clash result are: 4-0; 3.5-0.5; 3-1; 2.5-1.5; 2-2.

3.6 Clash Scoring
When a Clash has all 4 matches complete, the match score is recorded, and clash point(s) recorded. Clash Scoring will be as follows:
+ 1 point for an overall Clash win. A Clash win constitutes winning more matches than the opposing team.
+ 0.5 points for an overall Clash tie. A clash tie constitutes an even number of matches won.
- 0 points for an overall Clash loss. A clash loss constitutes winning less matches than the opposing team.

In determining overall records for advancing to the knock-out/play-off phase, Clashes won is primary determining factor. In case of a tie, First tiebreaker is clashes won, then matches won, then points won, then TAG result, then AAT result, then US/EU result, then USA result.

3.7 Starter rules in matches
a) For every 2 player game, first game set with random start, then start alternates through the 6 games.
b) For the 2 player match of 6 games on all the TTR maps, procedure will be as follows: First game fixed as random start using the Swiss map. Then every game thereafter uses the starter alternates with the starter deciding the map.
c) For TAG match, see special rules in 5.1.3

4. Assignment of teams for Round Robin & Schedule of play

4.1 Assignment of teams to groups for the Round Robin will be done as follows:
a) At the end of registration captains have 2 days to send their perceived ranking list of the participating teams to the TD, ranking from 1 to <number of participating teams>. The TD will add the numbers, team with lowest sum is ranked #1 and so on. If a captain does not submit this ranking list in time, TD will use whatever lists he/she has.
b) Group assignment will be done using similar format as Nation's Cup rule 13.5 and/or adapted adequately to the number of teams registered. (Schedule would be published as close to that time as well.)

4.2 Setting the matches
a) Each team captain, when ready, will send a lineup made of the names for each match including type of match to the Cup TD. The TD then will post the Clash line-ups. Once the draw for the next round is posted,) the players can play their games (they can make arrangements by PM).
b) Captains are to ensure the results of the match occur and are made known before the end of the week of that round.

4.3 Safe exit
Once the schedule of Round Robin is released, if a team knows in advance that one of their players is not able to play in the time of a certain clash, they can ask for the TD's agreement to have that particular match played before the due time. It is the responsibility of the captain of that team to contact his/her peer to find an arrangement.

5. Special note: TAG Rules

5.1. A Tag team game is played on USA map, 4 players, non ranked, observable. If BOTH teams agree, the game could be ranked.

5.2 In Tag team games it is allowed (and intended) to communicate between team members during the whole game.

5.3 The playing order for tag team games is: first member of team A, first member of team B, second member of team B, second member of team A. Each team is free to choose the order (first/second member) for every game.

A game may be cancelled after both teams have chosen their tickets, IF the game starts with a double move for one team AND the other team WISHES to start a new game (maybe they have a good ticket combination or 8 locos in the beginning, so desires to play anyway).

5.4 Problems during game/match: This should be a fun and trust tournament. All this should be handled between the teams or all participants of the tournament. In case of unsolvable technical problems start a new game. For every round there will be a deadline. If one player leaves the match, DO NOT leave the game.

5.5 At the end of a tag team game the points of the team members are added. The team with the most points wins the tag team game, gaining two match points. In case of a tie, both teams get one point.

6. Special Notes

6.1 Disputes
In case of a dispute, one of the involved captains sends a PM to the TD with a copy to the other captain. The decision will be under the discretion of the TD. The TD will inform both captains by PM about the decision and post it in the organizational thread if necessary.
6.2 Adding players after registration
It is not allowed to add players to a team after the start of the tournament unless the TD decides otherwise (mostly in case of emergency). A player can only be registered to one team.

NOTE: These rules and the vision for the Fusion Cup were a compilation of effort by players: dea1, onyx puffin, Qorlas, and Sysyphus, after many conversations with other players as well. For 2013, these 4 players will serve as the Organizing Committee.

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Règles de la Fusion Cup en français Wed, 09 January 2013 05:58
Les dates d'inscription sont susceptibles d'être modifiées.

1. Composition des équipes
1.1 Une équipe doit compter 3 joueurs au minimum. Il est recommandé de jouer avec 4 joueurs.

1.2 Par la création de ce tournoi, nous avons la volonté la volonté de promouvoir la diversité des modes de jeux des ADR et la fusion des genres. Dans cet esprit, nous souhaitons que les joueurs qui désirent jouer ce tournoi ensemble n'aient pas joué la NC dans la même équipe. Ceci n'est pas une règle mais une aspiration.

1.3 Un TD sera en charge du tournoi. Un comité d'organisation veillera au bon déroulement de la compétition.

1.4 La procédure d'inscription au tournoi sera développée dans la section 2 de ces mêmes-règles.
Les équipes peuvent être formées de 2 manières :
a. Une équipe peut s'inscrire directement en tant qu'équipe complète.
b. Une personne peut s'inscrire en tant qu'individuel dans le thread prévu à cet effet. Une draft aura lieu pour tout individuel n'ayant pas pu former d'équipe. Voir règle 2.3.

1.5. Chaque équipe doit désigner un capitaine qui devra envoyer les lineups au TD chaque semaine.

1.6. Un joueur détenant plusieurs comptes doit jouer avec son compte le mieux classé.

2. Inscription
2.1 24 équipes au maximum peuvent s'engager.

2.2 Equipes et joueurs individuels recherchant une équipe peuvent s'inscrire dans le forum, dans le thread dédié à cet effet.

2.3 L'inscription se déroulera en 2 phases.

2.3.1 Phase 1 - d'une durée de 2 semaines 1/2;
Un thread sera ouvert pour l'inscription :
a. d'équipes complètes,
b. des équipes incomplètes (qui peuvent préciser le profil de joueur dont ils ont besoin)
c. d'individuels; qui peuvent préciser les matches qu'ils désirent jouer.

Les équipes incomplètes peuvent donc contacter les individuels inscrits pour former une équipe complète.

2.3.2 Phase 2. Commençant lundi 29 janvier.
Un individuel ne souhaitant pas faire partie de la draft peut se désinscrire.

*)Lundi 29 janvier, la liste des équipes incomplètes et d'individuels restants sera publiée dans un nouveau thread.

*)Mardi 28 janvier, les capitaines d'une équipe incomplète de 2 ou 3 joueurs peuvent drafter (choisir) un individuel de la liste publiée. Un individuel devient automatiquement membre de l'équipe du capitaine qui l'a drafté. Le premier capitaine servi est le premier qui poste dans le forum.

*)Mercredi 30 et jeudi 31 janvier, capitaines d'une équipe incomplète de 2, 3 ou 4 joueurs peuvent draftés 1 ou 2 joueurs participants à la draft en postant dans le forum. Le premier capitaine servi est le premier qui poste dans le forum.

*)Vendredi 1er février. Le comité d'organisation forme des équipes à son appréciation avec les individuels restants.

3. Organisation du tournoi.

3.1 Définition
Tournoi > Round Robin > Clash > Match > Partie
Clash = rencontre entre deux équipes
Match = rencontre entre deux joueurs.
Round Robin : chaque équipe faisant partie d'un même groupe se rencontre lors du Round Robin

Le tournoi se décompose en deux phases.
Un Round Robin qui déterminera les équipes qualifiées pour les play-offs
Le Knock-Out Round (KO round) qui déterminera le vainqueur du tournoi.
Durée totale du tournoi : entre 8 et 12 semaines.

Chaque clash est composé de 4 matches :
1) Un match à 2 joueurs : 6 parties sur 6 différentes cartes des ADR. Une carte ne sera donc pas utilisee, au choix des 2 joueurs. Le match commencera toujours par une partie sur la carte Suisse.
2) Un match à 2 joueurs : 6 parties sur la carte USA.
3) Un match à 2 joueurs : 6 parties; USA-USA-EURO-EURO-USA-EURO
4) Un match TAG 4 joueurs : 3 parties.

Le capitaine choisit un lineup pour chaque clash (voir 4.2). Le capitaine est libre de désigner les joueurs de son choix et peut assigner chacun d'entre eux au match de son choix. Un joueur participant au match 1., 2 et 3 (les 2 matches à 2 joueurs) peuvent également participer au TAG.

3.5. Décompte des points
a) Chaque partie d'un match doit être jouée : 6 matches pour les 2 joueurs, 3 matches pour les TAG. Les matches nuls comptent dans le score final.

b) Le décompte des points pour un match se fait de la manière suivante :
*) 1 point pour chaque partie gagnée dans un match à 2 joueurs. 0.5 point en cas de match nul.
*) 2 points pour chaque partie gagnée dans un match TAG, 1 point en cas de match nul.

Les scores possibles pour un match sont donc :
6-0; 5.5-0.5; 5-1; 4.5-1.5; 4-2; 3.5-2.5; 3-3.

Le décompte de points pour un clash se fait de la manière suivante :
*) 1 point par match gagné.
*) 0,5 point pour un match nul.
*) 0 point par match perdu.

Les scores possibles pour un clash sont les suivants :
4-0; 3.5-0.5; 3-1; 2.5-1.5; 2-2.

Pour départager les équipes à l'issue du Round Robin, les tie-breakers suivants sont utilisés dans l'ordre suivant :
Nombres de clashes gagnés, puis nombre de matches gagnés, puis nombre de parties, résultat du TAG entre les équipes concernées, le résultat du match AAT entre les équipes concernées, le résultat du match US/EU entre équipes concernées et enfin le match USA.

3.7 La règle pour le start
a) Pour chaque match à 2 joueurs, la première partie est « random » puis le start est alterné pour les 5 parties suivantes.
b) Pour le match à 2 joueurs sur les 6 différentes, la règle est la suivante : la première partie se joue sur la carte suisse, start random. Le start alterne ensuite pour les 5 parties suivantes. Le joueur qui a le start choisit la carte de la partie à jouer.

4. Répartition des équipes pour le Round Robin et programmation
4.1 La répartition des équipes se fera de la manière suivante :

a) A la clôture des inscriptions, samedi 2 février, une liste définitive des équipes engagées sera publiée.
Les capitaines auront 2 jours à compter du dimanche 3 février pour classer les équipes de la plus forte à la plus faible à leur propre appréciation et envoyer leur classement par message privé au TD.
Le TD ajoutera par la suite la somme des rangs attribués à chaque équipe. L'équipe ayant la somme de points la plus faible sera désignée tête de série numéro 1.
La procédure se répète pour désigner la tête de série numéro 2 etc... jusqu'à ce que toutes les équipes soient classées.
Le classement d'un capitaine qui ne serait pas envoyé dans les délais impartis sera compté comme nul.

b) La répartition des groupes se fera ensuite selon la règle 13.5 de la NC.

4.2 Programmation des matches.
Chaque capitaine envoie son lineup au TD avec les noms des joueurs participant au clash, en précisant le match attribué à chaque joueur. Le TD postera les lineups dans le thread prévu à cet effet. Les joueurs s'accordent ensuite par mp pour trouver une date et un horaire pour le match.
Les capitaines doivent s'assurer de la bonne communication des membres de son équipe (programmation des matches et publication des résultats dans le forum).

4.3 Safe exit
Une fois que le programme du Round Robin est publie, un capitaine peut demander l'accord du TD pour faire jouer un match avant les dates prévues d'un clash si l'un de ses joueurs ne peut pas être en mesure de jouer un match dans les délais impartis.
C'est à la responsabilité du capitaine de cette équipe de contacter son alter ego pour trouver un arrangement.

5. Les règles pour le TAG
Un match TAG se joue sur la carte USA à 4 joueurs, partie non-classée et observable. Si les DEUX équipes sont d'accord, la partie peut-être classée.

Les membres d'une même équipe sont autorisés (fortement conseillé) à communiquer pendant une partie.

Ordre de jeu : premier membre de l'équipe A, premier membre de l'équipe B, deuxième membre de l'équipe B, deuxième membre de l'équipe A. Les équipes sont libres de choisir l'ordre de jeu pour chaque partie.

Si la partie donne les deux premiers tours à une même équipe ET que l'autre équipe choisir de recommencer une partie, alors une partie peut-être annulée une fois que les deux équipes ont choisi leurs tickets. (L'équipe ne bénéficiant pas du double start peut toutefois demander à jouer la partie en cas de bonnes mains de départ : tickets+couleurs).

5.4 Ce tournoi est sensé être fun. Tout problème pendant un TAG est à resoudre entre équipes concernées. En cas de problème technique irrésoluble, redémarrez la partie.

5.5 A la fin du TAG, on ajoute les points des deux membres d'une même équipe. L'équipe qui a le plus de points remporte le match TAG.

6. Autres
6.1 En cas de désaccord entre équipes.
En cas de désaccord, l'un des capitaines concernés envoie un mp au TD, copie à l'autre capitaine. La décision est à l'appréciation du TD. Le TD informera les capitaines concernés de sa décision par MP. Il pourra, si besoin est, poster sa décision dans le sujet prévu à cet effet.

Aucune modification d'équipe ne sera acceptée après la clôture de la phase d'inscription, dimanche 27 janvier. Toutefois, le TD se réserve le droit d'accorder un changement en cas de force majeur.

Ces règles sont le fruit de nombreux échanges entre dea1, Qorlas, onyx puffin et Sysyphus qui constitueront le comité d'organisation. D'autres joueurs ont été également consultés.

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Re:Fusion Cup Rules 2013 Wed, 09 January 2013 11:31
Regolamento della FUSION CUP

(La FUSION CUP è stata chiamata così in quanto questa Coppa porta una fusione di tutte le mappe, una fusione di tutte le abilità, e la fusione di squadre per un torneo di eccitanti partite.)

1. Formazione della squadra

1.1 Le squadre possono essere costituite da un minimo di 4 giocatori.

1.2 Per lo spirito della diversità e della fusione base di questo torneo, offriamo le seguenti linee guida (non è una regola) "Il nostro desiderio è di avere squadre diverse, con la speranza di far giocare insieme persone che non hanno giocato nella stessa squadra di Coppa delle Nazioni nel 2012. "

1.3 La FUSION CUP avrà un Direttore del Torneo (TD) per contribuire a facilitare il funzionamento del Torneo. Ci sarà anche un Comitato Organizzatore che faciliterà l'andamento regolare del torneo.

1.4 Le squadre saranno formate secondo le istruzioni nella sezione 2 delle norme.
Le squadre possono essere costituite in due modi:

A. Ogni squadra può iscriversi come un intero team, (o come una squadra incompleta alla ricerca di altri membri del team)
B. Una persona può registrarsi come un individuo in un thread del forum apposito. Vedere le note in SEZIONE 2.3 per le informazioni su questa parte particolare.

1.5 Le squadre devono indicare un Capitano (e vice-capitano), che sarà responsabile per la presentazione delle formazioni della squadra al TD.

1.6 Se un giocatore ha più di un account DOW, lui/lei deve usare quello con ranking più alto.

2. Registrazione

2.1 Un massimo di 24 squadre può essere registrato per questo torneo. Le squadre sono accettati in conformità con le norme in materia di 'first come, first served'. Le squadre devono iscriversi attraverso i thread appropriati nel forum gioco competitivo.

2.2 Il processo di registrazione include sia la registrazione squadra che giocatore singolo (che non hanno squadra) con dichiarazione di intenzione di giocare.

2.3 La registrazione sarà costituita da due fasi.

2.3.1 Fase 1:. Fase 1 (2 1/2 settimane di lunghezza):
Un thread del forum sarà aperto per la registrazione di: squadre complete, squadre incomplete (indicando quello che stanno cercando) e privati &#8203;&#8203;(indicando quale gioco si può / vuole giocare).
Squadre incomplete e gli individui possono collaborare, quindi, a completare la loro registrazione incompleta.
Gli individui possono ritirare la propria registrazione, se non vogliono essere inclusi in un draft. Ogni squadra può iscriversi come un gruppo intero, durante il processo di registrazione.

2.3.2 Fase 2 (si verifica in 3 ° settimana, probabilmente inizio Lunedi)
In un giorno specifico della terza settimana, (probabilmente Lunedi) l'elenco delle squadre incomplete e individui registrati saranno pubblicati in un nuovo thread.
Il giorno dopo della terza settimana: capitani di squadre incomplete con 2 o 3 membri possono selezionare 1 giocatore dalla lista individui (primo a pubblicare il nuovo thread = primo a scegliere)
Poi i due giorni successivi della terza settimana: capitani delle squadre di 4 che vogliano un 5° giocatore e squadre incomplete di 2 o 3 (che hanno perso l'occasione) possono selezionare 1 o 2 giocatori dalla lista individui (di nuovo primo da pubblicare sul nuovo thread = primo a scegliere)
In ultimo giorno di registrazione della terza settimana: Un comitato organizzatore mette gli individui rimanenti insieme a squadre come meglio credono.

3. Organizzazione di gioco

3.1. Spiegazione
Torneo Cup> Round Robin> Clash> Partita> Gioco
Scontro = incontro tra due squadre
Partita = incontro tra due giocatori
Round Robin: se un gruppo gioca un round robin, ogni squadra gioca contro l'altra squadra in quel gruppo una volta.

3.2 Panoramica Torneo Cup: Questo torneo sarà composto da due fasi: una serie Round Robin e play-off. Il programma del torneo sarà composto da 8-12 settimane compreso il tempo tra round robin e la fase ad eliminazione diretta.

3.3 Ogni Scontro 4 tipi di partite:
1) 6 partite 2p su tutte le mappe TTR, con 6 delle 7 diverse mappe,
2) 6 partite 2p sulla mappa USA
3) 6 partite 2p con ordine USA, USA, Euro, Euro, USA, Euro
4) 3 partite TAG, utilizzando le regole TAG di cui alla sezione 5.

3.4 Formazioni
I Capitani scelgono una scaletta per incontro, (vedi regola 4.2). Ogni incontro, sono liberi di scegliere i giocatori e gli slot che giocheranno nelle partite 2p. I Capitani nominano i giocatori per la partita TAG che possono avere anche giocato nelle partite singole.

3.5 Partita Scoring
a) Si devono giocare tutte le partite. (6 negli scontri 2p, e 3 nella partita TAG). Le partite pareggiate contano (0.5 in 2p e 1 in TAG)
b) Quando una partita è terminata, la registrazione dei punteggi sarà la seguente:
2p: ogni vittoria vale 1 punto e ogni pareggio vale 0.5 punti TAG ogni vittoria vale 2 punti e ogni pareggio vale 1 punto .

Così i risultati possibili di un incontro sono 6-0, 5,5-0,5, 5-1, 4,5-1,5, 4-2, 3,5-2,5; 3-3.

c) Quando una partita è completa, sono decisi i punti dell'incontro globale:
+ 1 punto per una vittoria di incontro (vincere più partite rispetto al giocatore avversario).
+ 0,5 punti per un pareggio (pari numero di partite vinte).
- 0 punti per la sconfitta (vincere meno partite rispetto al giocatore avversario).
Punteggi possibili per un risultato Clash sono: 4-0, 3,5-0,5, 3-1; 2,5-1,5; 2-2.

3.6 Punteggio dell'incontro.
Quando uno scontro ha tutte e 4 le partite complete, si ha il punteggio finale dell'incontro tra le squadre. I punti saranno i seguenti:
+ 1 punto per una vittoria Clash globale. Una vittoria Clash costituisce vincere più partite rispetto alla squadra avversaria.
+ 0,5 punti per un pareggio Clash globale. Pari numero di partite vinte.
- 0 punti per una perdita complessiva Clash. Una perdita scontro costituisce vinto meno partite rispetto alla squadra avversaria.

Nel determinare i record globali per avanzare alla fase knock-out/play-off, Incontri vinti è ilprimo fattore determinante. In caso di parità, primo tie-break è scontri vinti, quindi incontri vinte, poi partite singole vinte, poi risultato TAG, poi risultato AAT, poi risultato US/EU, poi risultato USA.

3,7 regole Starter nelle partite
a) Per 2p, primo random, poi alternato per tutte e 6 le partite.
b) per 2p AAT, la procedura sarà la seguente: Prima partita fissata come inizio casuale utilizzando la mappa della Svizzera. Poi ogni partita successiva si alterna il partente con chi parte che decide la mappa, che deve essere diversa da quelle già utilizzate..
c) per la partita di TAG, vedere le regole speciali in 5.1.3

4. Assegnazione delle squadre per il Round Robin e Calendario di gioco

4.1 Assegnazione delle squadre ai gruppi per la Round Robin sarà fatto nel modo seguente:
a) Al termine della registrazione i capitani hanno 2 giorni di tempo per inviare la propria lista della classifica percepita delle squadre partecipanti al TD, con lista da 1 a <numero di teams>. Il TD aggiunge i numeri, la squadra con il più basso importo è classificato alla posizione # 1 e così via. Se il capitano non presenta questa classifica in tempo, TD usare gli elenchi a disposizione.
b) l'assegnazione di gruppo verrà effettuata utilizzando il formato simile a regola Coppa delle Nazioni 13.5 e / o adattati in modo adeguato al numero delle squadre iscritte.

4.2 Impostare le partite
a) Ogni capitano della squadra, quando è pronto, invierà una scaletta fatta di nomi per ogni partita tra cui il tipo di partita al TD Coppa. Il TD poi pubblicherà il line-up. Una volta pubblicato i giocatori possono giocare le loro partite (si possono prendere accordi con PM).
b) Captains are to ensure the results of the match occur and are made known before the end of the week of that round.

4,3 Uscita di sicurezza
Una volta che il programma del Round Robin viene rilasciato, se una squadra sa in anticipo che uno dei loro giocatori non è in grado di giocare nel tempo di uno scontro certa, possono chiedere il consenso del TD di avere quella partita particolare svolta prima del tempo . E 'responsabilità del capitano di quella squadra di contattare il suo pari per trovare un accordo.

5. Nota speciale: Regole di TAG

5,1. Un gioco di squadra Tag è giocato su Mappa USA, 4 giocatori, non ranked, osservabile. Se entrambe le squadre sono d'accordo, il gioco potrebbe essere ranked.

5.2 In giochi di squadra Tag è permesso (e previsto) la comunicazione tra i membri del team durante tutto il gioco (Skype).

5.3 L'ordine di gioco è il seguente: primo membro della squadra A, primo membro della squadra B, secondo membro della squadra B, secondo membro della squadra A. Ogni squadra è libero di scegliere l'ordine (primo / secondo membro) per ogni partita.

Una partita può essere annullata dopo che entrambe le squadre hanno scelto i loro biglietti, se il gioco inizia con una mossa doppia per una squadra e l'altra squadra vuole iniziare una nuova partita (forse hanno una buona combinazione biglietto o 8 locomotive in principio, e vogliono così giocare in ogni caso).

5.4 Problemi durante la partita / incontro: Questo dovrebbe essere un divertimento e un torneo di fiducia. Tutto questo deve essere trattato tra le squadre o tutti i partecipanti del torneo. In caso di problemi tecnici irrisolvibili si prega di iniziare una nuova partita. Per ogni turno ci sarà una scadenza. Se un giocatore lascia la partita, non lasciate la partita.

5.5 Alla fine di una partita tag team i punti dei membri del team vengono aggiunti. La squadra con il maggior numero di punti vince la partita TAG, guadagnando due punti. In caso di parità, le due squadre ottengono un punto.

6. Note speciali

6.1 Controversie
In caso di controversia, uno dei capitani coinvolti invia un PM per il TD con una copia per l'altro capitano. La decisione sarà sotto la discrezione del TD. Il TD informa entrambi i capitani via PM in merito alla decisione e pubblica nel thread organizzativo, se necessario.
6.2 Registrazioni tardive
Non è consentito aggiungere giocatori di una squadra dopo l'inizio del torneo salvo il TD decida altrimenti (soprattutto in caso di emergenza). Un giocatore può essere registrato solo per una squadra.

NOTA: Queste regole e la visione per la Coppa Fusion sono un risultato da parte di : dea1, Onyx Puffin, Qorlas e Sysyphus, dopo molte discussioni pure con altri giocatori. Per il 2013, i 4 giocatori saranno il Comitato Organizzatore

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Re:Fusion Cup Rules 2013 Wed, 09 January 2013 12:52

Fusion Cup - Regeln

1. Teamzusammenstellung

1.1 Ein Team muss aus mindestens 4 Spielern bestehen

1.2 Der Fusion Cup ist als Gegenstück zum Nations Cup gedacht, das sich von diesem durch andere Teamzusammensetzungen und andere ZuZ-Varianten unterscheidet. In diesem Sinne folgende Richtlinie (die aber keine zwingend einzuhaltende Regel ist): "Wir wünschen uns neue Teamzusammenstellungen und hoffen daher, dass sich Spieler zu Teams zusammenfinden, die im Nations Cup 2012 nicht im selben Team gespielt haben".

1.3 Für dieses Cup-Turnier wird es einen Turnierleiter geben (TD). Weiters gibt es ein Organisationskomittee, das die Regeln erarbeitet hat, und den TD bei der operativen Durchführung des Turniers unterstützen wird.

1.4 Für Details zu Zusammenstellung und Registrierung der Teams siehe Abschnitt 2 dieser Regeln.
Teams können auf 2 Arten gebildet werden:
a. Ein Team kann sich als komplettes Team anmelden (oder als inkomplettes Team unter Angabe, welche zusätzlichen Teammitglieder noch gesucht werden)
b. Ein Spieler kann sich als Einzelspieler anmelden. Am Ende der Registrierungsperiode werden Einzelspieler durch eine "Ziehung" zu inkompletten Teams zugordnet bzw. zu neuen Teams zusammengestellt. Siehe Regel 2.3 for Informationen über diese Ziehung.

1.5 Ein Team muss einen Kapitän (und Vize-Kapitän) bestimmen, der für die Übermittlung der Aufstellungen an den TD verantwortlich ist.

1.6 Wenn ein Spieler mehrere DOW accounts hat, muss er mit dem Account spielen, der das höchste ELO-Rating hat.

2. Team Registrierung

2.1 Maximal 24 Teams können sich für dieses Turnier anmelden. Teams werden in Übereinstimmung mit den Regeln in der Reihenfolge der Anmeldung angenommen. Teams müssen sich im entsprechenden Thread im Competitive Forum anmelden.

2.2 Der Registrierungsprozess umfasst sowohl die Anmeldung kompletter (oder inkompletter) Teams, als auch die Anmeldung von Einzelspielern, die (noch) kein Team haben.

2.3 Die Registrierung besteht aus 2 Phasen:

2.3.1 Phase 1 (2 1/2 Wochen Dauer):
Im Competitive Forum wird ein Thread eröffnet, für die Anmeldung von: Kompletten Teams, inkompletten Teams (unter Angabe, was noch gesucht wird) und Einzelspielern (unter Angabe, welche Matches sie spielen können/möchten).
Inkomplette Teams und Einzelspieler können sich während dieser Phase zu kompletten Teams zusammenfinden, und damit ihre bisherige inkomplette Registrierung löschen.
Einezlspieler können ihre Registrierung bis zum Ende der Phase zurückziehen, falls sie nicht durch die anschließende Ziehung einem Team zugeordnet werden möchten.
Die Spieler eines kompletten oder inkompletten Teams müssen sich nicht einzeln registrieren.

2.3.2 Phase 2 (in der 3. Woche, beginnt voraussichtlich Montag)
Am angegebenen Tag der 3. Woche (voraussichtlich Montag) wird in einem neuen Thread die Liste der inkompletten Teams und der angemeldeten Einzelspieler bekannt gegeben.
Am nächsten Tag können die Kapitäne der inkompletten Teams, die bisher nur 2 oder 3 Spieler haben, je einen der angemeldeten Einzelspieler für ihr Team auswählen. Wer als erster postet, kann als erster auswählen.
An den nächsten beiden Tagen können die Kapitäne von 4er-Teams, die noch einen 5. Spieler benötigen (oder von noch immer inkompletten Teams mit 2 oder 3 Spielern) 1 oder 2 Spieler der verbleibenden Einzelspieler auswählen. Wiederum gilt: Wer zuerst postet, kann zuerst wählen.
Am letzten Tag bildet das Organisationskomittee aus den noch verbleibenden Einzelspielern weitere Teams, so gut das möglich ist.

3. Turnierorganisation

3.1 Erläuterungen
Cup Turnier > Round Robin > Clash > Match > Game
Clash = Eine Begegnung zwischen 2 Teams (bestehend aus 4 Matches)
Match = Eine Begegnung zwischen 2 Spielern (bestehend aus 6 bzw. 3 Games)
Round Robin: Der Modus der Qualifikationsrunde, dabei spielt jedes Team einer Gruppe einmal gegen jedes andere Team dieser Gruppe.

3.2 Überblick Cup Turnier
Das Turnier besteht aus 2 Phasen: Einem Round Robin zur Ermittlung der Qualifikationsplätze für das Play-Off, und dann KO Clashes in der Play-Off-Phase zur Ermittlung des Siegers.
Die Gesamtdauer des Turniers für Round Robin und Play-Off wird zwischen 8 und 12 Wochen betragen (ist abhängig von der Anzahl der teilnehmenden Teams).

3.3 Jeder Clash in Round Robin und Play-Off besteht aus 4 verschiedenen Matches:
1) Ein 2-Spieler-Match über 6 Spiele aus allen Maps (Schweiz, Europa, Asien, USA, USA-Metropolen, USA-1910, USA-Mega)
2) Ein 2-Spieler-Match über 6 Spiele USA
3) Ein 2-Spieler-Match über 6 Spiele, USA und EU gemischt, in Reihenfolge USA,USA,EU,EU,USA,EU
4) Ein TAG match (je 2 Spieler eines Teams als Paar gegen 2 Spieler des anderen Teams) über 3 Spiele. Für die Regeln von TAG-Matches siehe Abschnitt 5.

3.4 Match-Paarungen
Die Kapitäne wählen ihre Aufstellung (Lineup) für den Clash (siehe Regel 4.2). Für jeden Clash wählen sie 3 verschiedene ihrer Spieler für die 3 Slots der 2-Spieler-Matches. Für das TAG-Match können auch Spieler nominiert werden, die im selben Clash für ein 2-Spieler-Match nominiert sind.

3.5 Match-Scoring
a) Alle Spiele eines Matches müssen gespielt werden (alle 6 in 2-Spieler-Matches, alle 3 in TAG-Matches). Games, die unentschieden ausgehen, zählen als gespieltes Game.

b) Punkte für Games in Matches werden wie folgt vergeben:
In 2-Spieler-Matches zählt jedes gewonnene Game 1 Punkt, jedes Unentschieden 0,5 Punkte.
In 2-TAG-Matches zählt jedes gewonnene Game 2 Punkte, jedes Unentschieden 1 Punkt.

Mögliche Resultate eines Matches sind daher 6-0, 5.5-0.5, 5-1, 4.5-1.5, 4-2, 3.5-2.5, 3-3

c) Punkte aus Matches für Clashes werden wie folgt vergeben:
Ein Match-Gewinn (also mehr Punkte im Match als der Gegner) zählt +1 Punkt.
Ein Match-Unentschieden (Ergebnis 3-3) zählt +0,5 Punkte.
Ein Match-Verlust zählt 0 Punkte.

3.6 Clash-Scoring
Das Ergebnis eines Clash ist die Summe der Punkte aus den Matches.
Mögliche Resultate eines Clash sind daher 4-0,3.5-0.5,3-1,2.5-1.5,2-2

Zur Ermittlung der Teams, die sich aus dem Round Robin für das Play-Off qualifizieren, ist primär die Anzahl der gewonnenen Clashes ausschlaggebend.
Bei Gleichstand gelten weitere Tiebreaker in folgender Reihenfolge: gewonnene Matches, gewonnene Punkte (also gewonnene Games), TAG-Ergebnis, AAT-Ergebnis, US/EU-Ergebnis, US-Ergebnis.

3.7 Startregel in Matches
a) In jedem 2-Spieler-Match wird das erste Game mit zufälligem Starter gespielt. Danach alternierender Start bis Game 6.
b) Im 2-Spieler-Match mit allen ZuZ-Varianten wird das erste Game mit dem Schweiz-Spielplan und zufälligem Starter gespielt. Danach alternierender Start bis Game 6, der Starter bestimmt, welcher Spielplan als nächstes gespielt wird.
c) Für TAG-Matches siehe Abschnitt 5.1.3

4. Zuordnung Teams zu Gruppen und Ablauf

4.1 Die Zuordnung der Teams zu Gruppen für den Round Robin erfolgt anhand der Einschätzung der Spieler, wie stark die genannten Teams sind:
a) Nach Abschluss der Registrierungsphase schätzt jedes Team die Spielstärke aller genannten Teams ein und erstellt eine Reihung von 1 bis <Anzahl genannte Teams>. Der Kapitän sendet innerhalb von 2 Tagen diese Reihung an den TD. Der TD addiert die Ergebnisse, das Team mit der niedrigsten Punktezahl gilt als Stärkstes und wird als #1 gereiht, u.s.w.
Falls ein Teamkapitän in der vorgegebenen Zeit keine Reihung abgibt, addiert der TD nur die eingegangenen Meldungen der anderen Teams.
b) Die Gruppenzuordnung erfolg anschließend vergleichbar zum Nations Cup (NC Regal 13.5) und/oder wird entsprechend an die Anzahl der genannten Teams angepasst. (Der Rundenablauf wird dann zeitnah veröffentlicht)

4.2 Bestimmung der Matches
a) Die Teamkapitäne senden ihr Lineup für jeden Clash unter Angabe, welcher Spieler welches Match spielt, an den TD. der TD postet die Lineups für den Clash. Sobald das Lineup für die jeweilige Runde veröffentlicht ist, können die Spieler mit ihren Matches beginnen (Terminvereinbarungen mit PM).
b) Die Kapitäne sind dafür verantwortlich dass die Matches bis zum jeweiligen Ende der Runde gespielt werden und die Resultate gemeldet werden.

4.3 Safe Exit
Sobald die Rundeneinteilung für den Round Robin veröffentlich ist, kann ein Team, das weiß, dass es in der Spielzeit für einen bestimmten Clash nicht genügend Spieler aufstellen kann, den TD ersuchen, diesen Clash nach vor zu verlegen. Der Kapitän dieses Teams ist dafür verantwortlich, mit dem Kapitän des betroffenen Gegnerteams eine Vereinbarung für einen anderen Termin zu treffen.

5. Spezialregeln für TAG

5.1 Ein TAG Game wird mit der USA-Karte gespielt, 4 Spieler, nicht rated, Zusehen erlaubt. Falls BEIDE Teams das wünschen, kann auch rated gespielt werden.

5.2 In TAG-Spielen ist es erlaubt (und beabsichtigt), dass die Spieler eines Teams durchgehend miteinander kommunizieren.

5.3 Die Spieler-Reihenfolge ist: Zuerst (grün) ein Spieler von Team A, dann (rot+gelb) beide Spieler von Team B, dann (blau) der verbleibende Spieler von Team A. Jedes Team kann die Reihenfolge seiner Spieler in jedem Game neu bestimmen.

Falls ein Spiel mit einem Doppelzug für eines der Teams beginnt, kann nach der Auswahl der Tickets das Spiel abgebrochen und annulliert werden, wenn das andere Team das wünscht (vielleicht hat dieses Team aber auch gute Tickets ode viele Lokos und möchte trotzdem spielen).

5.4 Probleme während eines Spiels/Match: TAG basiert auf Vertrauen und soll Spaß machen. Daher wird gewünscht, dass die Spieler/Teams allfällige Probleme selbst klären. Im Fall von technischen Problemen soll ein neues Spiel gestartet werden. Falls ein Spieler durch Bot ersetzt wird, NICHT aus dem Spiel gehen, sondern warten, bis er zurück kommt.

5.5 Am Ende eines TAG-Spiels werden die Punkte der beiden Teamspieler addiert. Das Team mit mehr Punkten gewinnt das Game und damit 2 Punkte. Bei einem Unentschieden erhält jedes Team je einen Punkt.

6. Spezielle Hinweise

6.1 Konflikte
Im Fall eines Konflikts sendet der Kapitän eines involvierten Teams eine PM an den TD mit Kopie an den Kapitän des gegnerischen Teams. Die Entscheidung liegt im Ermessen des TD. Der TD informiert die beiden Teamkapitäne mittels PM über die Entscheidung und veröffentlich diese im Organisations-Thread des Turniers, falls erforderlich.

6.2 Hinzufügen neuer Spieler nach Ende der Registrierungsphase
Es ist grundsätzlich nicht erlaubt, nach Ende der Registrierungsphase das Team um neue Spieler zu erweitern. Der TD kann dies in Sonderfällen (z.B. bei Ausfall eines Spielers) genehmigen. Jeder Spieler kann nur in einem Team genannt sein.

Hinweis: Diese Regeln und die Idee des Fusion Cup sind das Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit von: dea1, onyx puffin, Qorlas und Sysyphus, nach Abstimmungen mit etlichen anderen Spielern. Im Jahr 2013 bilden die genannten 4 Spieler das Organisationkomittee.

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Re:Fusion Cup Rules 2013 Sat, 12 January 2013 18:15
German Translation is complete, so let's get this post up un the page again
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Fusion Registration Schedule Tue, 15 January 2013 01:45

[Aktualisiert am: Tue, 15 January 2013 01:45]

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Re:Fusion Registration Schedule Tue, 15 January 2013 02:31
Rules can now be found on tickipedia :


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Re:Fusion Registration Schedule Wed, 16 January 2013 04:47
You can find the schedule for registration, the groupping and the first 2 rounds here on the


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Fusion Cup Schedule Mon, 28 January 2013 02:06

First week will have a first round lasting 2 weeks, other rounds will last 10 days as usual.

One week will be dedicated for each round of KO to keep the pace of the tourney and to be done before SPWC.

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Re:Fusion Cup Schedule Mon, 28 January 2013 02:15

We have 12 teams.

Since we are following NC format :

11-16: Round robin, 2 groups, with QF, SF and F. #1s choose opponent of other group in QF; cannot meet other #1 in SF, cannot meet best classified of own group in SF.

12: (1,4,5,8,9,12) and (2,3,6,7,10,11),

We will then have 2 groups of 6. Winner of each group will then pick its opponent, and will consequently design the KO-Round bracket.

Captains will have 2 days starting tuesday to send their perceived rankings to the TD, by ranking teams from number 1 to number 12.
Groupping will then be done according to those pm's.
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 05:48
Don't see any benefit to having teams rank themselves. Good teams could rank themselves 12, bad teams 1, and all it does is skew the numbers. Maybe not by much, but since this is the first year, no need to have a rule which will get set in stone and not ever changed.
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 06:28
Well, we'll see. We trust captains will do their job as seriously as possible, without trying to screw up the rankings.

We are also experimenting some ideas thrown in the NC discussion thread...

If you think that you have more than 50% chance on paper to beat a team, then rank yourself higher. If not, rank yourself lower.

Nothing is set in stone, any other idea for groupping is more than welcome.

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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 08:25
Well I would have liked to see the drafting - but right now no real data to decide who the top 2 teams would be (unlike in NC where you coud use previous year's winners). Could get the top 2 teams through the perceived ranking thing you are doing.

Drafting might be better for this event, at least now, because its very hard to have any perceived ranking since little to no data exists (i.e. I have 0% idea how good players are at TAG, and then its even hard to judge the US/EU or ATT skills since not even sure which player on the team is going to play which event. At least in NC all the matches are USA and there is some past data from leagues, other tournaments, elo, etc.)

Back to teams ranking themselves - I see no advantages, and only a disadvantage. It's not like you are weighing pros and cons between the two. Name 1 benefit and then I could change my opinion (and "it will confuse people if we change now" doesn't count!.. let people send in the list and just remove the team so each list is 11 teams).

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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 11:04
general remarks:

We believe that the captains will send in rankings that say what they really believe, because
- we trust our captains
- there is no incentive to mess around, as you cannot know the effect that a "wrong number" would have on the group assignment

We will not delay proceedings by waiting for missing lists. If a team doesn't send a ranking in the given timeframe, so be it (of course we hope that every captain will deliver a list).

When the TD gets the rankings he can ask back in case something seems weird (e.g. if somebody rates GASP as 12 I'd probably ask him if he is aware that 12 is the worst not the best)


Now let's try some arguments why teams should also rate themselves:

The assessment of your own (team's) skills may well be the most accurate.
I remember all players to whom I lost in previous TAG, AAT, ... matches. But I don't know how often yaelka beat womble or the other way around.

In case not every captain delivers a ranking (in time) all teams have the same amount of numbers to add (otherwise the teams who did send a ranking are missing one).

12 numbers are not many ... the more the better, so don't reduce it.

I guess all teams will spend a big amount of the time they use for compilation of their list with the discussion how they see themselves in relation to the other teams (at least that was the case when I did mine). That was an interesting discussion I wouldn't want to miss, and also gave many clues on how to rank the other teams afterwards.


Sure, none of the above is a cast iron argument why it must be done this way.
They are explanations why we want to (and will) do it this way.

For the aftermath we can offer the would-have-been result removing the self assessments and see
- if it would have made a difference
- which one came closer to the actual result of the tournament
Angel 6
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 11:26
Why shouldn't every captain rank the other 11 teams?

I don't see a reason, why tactics should be involved here - just estimate the opponents strenght honestly and use this for the seeding Wink

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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 11:57
Just to avoid confusion ...
short version of the process for (at least) this event this year:

Each captain is asked to
- rank all 12 teams (including his own) according to his honest perception of strength (1=best, 12=worst)
- send this list to the TD, onyx puffin, until Jan 30th
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 13:32
At least, Onyx puffin could exclude the two highest and lowest numbers of every team to avoid manipulation...
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Mon, 28 January 2013 15:32
Several things in there :

1. The question is : who has the stronger team on paper ?
Question is not : who do you think is gonna win the tourney ?

If you take tennis rankings, you can ask any random players (i.e: French players) if they are gonna win the next Grand Slam, some of them would say 'yes, definitely, I have my chances'.

If you ask them who are the best players around, top 4 is quite likely to be Djokovic, Murray, Federer, Nadal.


Name 1 benefit and then I could change my opinion (and "it will confuse people if we change now" doesn't count!.. let people send in the list and just remove the team so each list is 11 teams).

Rather than benefits, I have some comments (adding to dea's explanations):
a) What's one interest to screw up the rankings ? Can one design its own group by messing with the rankings ?

b) If you don't trust the captains on the judgement of their own team, how can you trust their judgement on the ranking of the other teams ?

c) If a captain has a scatterbrained ranking, like dea said, TD can still ask a justification. If justification does not meet the reason why we ask captains to do the rankings, then TD may not take into account that vote and/or remove the captain from his position.
Players have to take their responsibilities.

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onyx puffin LOL
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Re: NOTE on Request of GSV Mon, 28 January 2013 15:47
To: all TTR Community
From: onyx puffin, TD of Fusion Cup

A request had been made to the Organizing Committee, prior to the end of registration, that for the FUSION Cup, GSV3 be allowed to play with account GSV2 which is the only account he can use to play all maps (AAT).

This request will be honored since it came early in the process of the game set-up. Understand GSV2 and GSV3 are the same player.
He has even suggested we put a name notation in that he is Vince or maybe 'GURU Vince aka GSV' in the list of players to be clear.
Currently GSV3 is listed, but he will be playing in this tournament with the GSV2 account.

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RUS Will
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Wed, 30 January 2013 13:24
What's with all the girly tennis Sysy?! I hate being compared to those noisy morons. Take a proper sport, like badminton Wink to compare to... In all seriousness there may be a mixed doubles match between me and Dea vs Peter and Trucker (in a skirt as promised). Dea is in the Haagse Bos area on June 26th, and I might pop over just to bring the TtR community a picture of Sven cross-dressing which is well worth the cost of an Easyjet flight!

Perceived ranking should be fairly accurate, and there is no incentive to mess around as (already mentioned) you cannot possibly have any idea how your skewed vote would affect any grouping. Skewing votes is 100% pointless with two groups... ok if you're cynical then a bad vote could make a difference if there were several groups, but that certainly isnt going to happen this year. Let's just give it a go. Captains should be trusted! I spent an hour doing my rankings, comparing relative match-ups. Was really interesting. I'm already looking forward to seeing how close my perceived rankings are to others'.

For example when ranking my team, GURU, I first looked at us having Drake (Who I would say is undisputed AAT rank 1 on paper, but again that's an opinion) and Kasi (rank 1 usa an awful lot of the time)... So on paper GURU has the advantage against any other team in 2 of the matches. Then I had to figure who was likely to still beat us overall and so on and it's a good process. Would be quite nice to see captains' rankings once the tourney starts as almost a mini-fantasy-league! Smile
RUS Will
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Wed, 30 January 2013 13:28

c) If a captain has a scatterbrained ranking, like dea said, TD can still ask a justification. If justification does not meet the reason why we ask captains to do the rankings, then TD may not take into account that vote and/or remove the captain from his position.

Or HER position... Don't forget that you're a captain! Wink (plus tyrana, Cassis??, Womble, Dea...)

Girl power! Solidarity sisters! Laughing

How many of your matches you get correct... ie your rank 6 beats your rank 7 = 1 point. I think that would be brilliant! Very Happy Also another incentive for captains to spend time on their rankings and making them accurate!

[Aktualisiert am: Wed, 30 January 2013 13:32]

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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Wed, 30 January 2013 14:01
Thumbs Up

.. to the mini fantasy league! That would really be interesting.
Of course it would require to make all the rankings public, not only the overall result (as originally intended).

Would everyone agree?

Thumbs Down

... to his/her, female titles, gender mainstream ...
It doesn't help at all!
Let "the captain" be male in text but respect that a lady can do the job equally well. That's what we need, not a differentiation between a he-captain and a she-captain.
onyx puffin LOL
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rankings Thu, 31 January 2013 04:17
It should be noted that after doing the rankings with an excel spreadsheet providing the answers, when all 12 teams ratings are in, the list came out the same whether ranked
A. All teams rank 1-12
B. All teams rank 1-11 excluding themselves.
C. Even excluding highest and lowest rank any team got.

All results came out with the same ranking order.

Not sure what that does to the conversation above, but thought you should know.
BAM Vballman20
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Thu, 31 January 2013 22:35
Let's see the spreadsheet

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rules & Schedule 2013 Fri, 01 February 2013 07:47

Rvage you should read the messages on D.O.W. and answer me
thank you
onyx puffin LOL
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Re:Fusion CUP: Rankings Thu, 07 February 2013 22:11
So glad this Fusion Cup is off to a good start. Thanks everyone who was involved in getting this new venture up and running.

Since it is up and running, divisions established, I thought it might be important for evaluation sake into the future to look at rankings of teams with comparison of ranking if we had used the average of the top 5 players overall scores. Just for notation sake here is what those results would have been:

Team    score   scoreplace   voted place
GANG	1723	  3	          2
BTB	1712	  4	          3
LOL	1701	  5	          6
CF	1670	  7	          7
XO	1660	  8	         10
EDF	1608	 11	         11
GASP	1768	  1	          1
GURU	1742	  2	          4
PPB	1687	  6	          5
NG	1643	  9	          8
GP	1640	 10	          9
FAN	1569	 12	         12

Just trying to keep people informed
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Summer time Mon, 04 March 2013 06:23
USA will go to summer time next sunday. For 3 weeks, we will then be 1 hour closer to Europe !

[Aktualisiert am: Mon, 04 March 2013 07:04]

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Re:Summer time Tue, 02 April 2013 11:27
Time to check if the voted ranking is any good:

The teams that made it to KO were the teams ranked 1-7 and 9.
I dare to state without looking it up that this is better than any ELO seeding we ever had in NC.

Teams in SF are 2,3,6,7.
Any volunteers to compare to previous NCs?

Let's see if we manage to have 2 vs 3 in the final Wink
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