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December 2012
Unable to join a passworded game Sun, 03 February 2013 19:19
Hi all,

I have the Steam version of TTR installed on 3 separate computers in my house: mine, my wife's and our daughter's. We each have our own Steam and DoW accounts and have each purchased the game.

Recently, my Daughter wanted to log in on my computer. This happened without any problems at all: I signed out and she signed in. Afterwards, I logged her out and logged back in as myself. Since then, however, she and I are unable to join the same game. I have tried the following permutations:

1. I create a passworded game. My wife is able to join, but my daughter is not.
2. My daughter creates a passworded game. My wife is able to join, but I am not.
3. My wife creates a passworded game. Either I, or my daughter are able to join, but not both of us: if I join first, my daughter cannot, and if she joins first, I cannot.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled TTR through Steam several times, to no avail. I'm wondering whether perhaps there is an old user session hanging around somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it: it's not in the steamapps folder.

It's driving me mad! Does anyone have any ideas?
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